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Rose & Crown Guildford

Rose & Crown Hotel Guildford

We recently decided to have a day out in the Swan Valley with family who are visiting and popped into the Rose & Crown for lunch in Historic Guildford. It’s the oldest hotel in WA and the second oldest operating hotel in Australia so it’s a real historical little gem. We’d eaten there before in the Posh Convicts restaurant and thought the food and service was fabulous and were keen to return.

This time, we opted for a table outside in the garden with table service – there is a more casual section outside where you can order your food and drinks at the bar as well. We managed to grab one of the last tables of the day, having arrived just after 1pm without a booking and they managed to squeeze us in which was great. Continue Reading

Life In Perth

3Sheets Portside – Hillarys Boat Harbour

3Sheets Portside Hillarys

After wanting to check out 3Sheets at Hillarys Boat Harbour for ages, we decided to try out their new addition to their already mammoth restaurant – 3Sheets Portside.

Situated to the side of the main 3Sheets restaurant, Portside is casual yet welcoming and trendy. Their set up is great, with tables, high bar style tables and comfy sofas scattered around the place. The outlook over the beach at Hillarys is fab too. Continue Reading


Find Short Term Accommodation In Perth

Short Term accommodation in Perth

One of the questions that people always have for me is ‘Where can I find short term accommodation in Perth for when we first arrive?’.

If you’re shipping all your belongings, it makes sense to hire a furnished rental until your goods arrive and you’ve found a place of your own to move into. I recommend renting first as well so you can suss out different areas before you decide to buy. Things look very different in real life to Google Maps – believe me!

Short term accommodation in Perth is ideal for new arrivals. It gives you time to get to know Perth and the different areas. It can be expensive to rent just for a week or two but often if you take furnished rentals you can get a bigger discount as the owners know their properties will be occupied for longer periods. This doesn’t always apply during peak periods such as the summer holidays but it’s always worth checking before you book anywhere.

There are lots of short term accommodation sites on the internet but I’ve compiled a few options for new arrivals to Perth. Some of these properties are owned by South Africans who understand exactly what you are going through having done it themselves at one point or another! They’ve created cosy, welcoming and functional homes to help you settle into life in your new home country of Australia. Continue Reading


Get Your Money Out Of South Africa With Rand Rescue

Rand Rescue Australia

One of the most frustrating aspects of migrating to another country is the seemingly endless paperwork. Applying for your visa comes with a whole host of hoops to jump through and to get into Australia the hoops are set like high jumps on fire instead of mini hurdles.

But eventually when you manage to tick all the boxes, a weight is lifted off your shoulders and you can start to look forward to your future in Australia.

Next you need to start thinking about how you’ll move your money to Australia to be able to set yourself up and start your new life down under.

That’s where Rand Rescue can help. Continue Reading

Life In Perth

UnWined Subiaco 2016

UnWined Subiaco 2016

Every year Wine & Food Events WA host a variety of awesome events around Perth and UnWined in Subiaco is one of my favourites.

This year, I won tickets to attend from Willow Bridge Estate so a big thanks to them! Normally tickets start from $25 per person but this year there were a few upgraded ticket options as well. Continue Reading


New temporary parent visa for Australia announced

Temporary Parent Visa Australia

The Australian government has announced they are beginning a consultation process which will lead to the introduction of a new temporary visa for parents visiting their children in Australia. The new visa is proposed to be a 5 year temporary sponsored visa.

While some visa announcements are taken with a pinch of salt, this one seems to be going full steam ahead. The government says they are planning on introducing the visa by July 2017, less than a year away.

While some details are yet to be determined, here’s what we do know about the proposed visa so far: Continue Reading

Life In Perth

10 Easy Ways To Save Money In Australia

10 Easy Ways To Save Money In Australia

There’s no denying that things are tough in WA these days. Gone are the days of easy to find jobs and high salaries being the norm. With the recent downturn in the mining and oil and gas industries, many households are tightening their belts, with redundancy being more common than most people would like.

If you’re feeling the pinch when it comes to spending, not just on luxuries but on the bare essentials too, here are 10 easy ways to save money and still enjoy a decent quality of life. Of course everyone’s circumstances are going to be vastly different, but hopefully there are some things on this list that might help you save the pennies (or cents really!). Continue Reading


10 Things You Need To Know About 457 Visas

10 Things You Need To Know About 457 visas


*** As of April 2017, the 457 visa has been suspended and will be replaced in 2018 with two new temporary visas – find out more here.

457 visas are a popular way for people to migrate to Australia without having to worry about finding a job when you arrive or having to save up enough money to cover you relocation and set up costs. However, along with great rewards, there come great risks. Please note this is not to be considered migration advice – for all the ins and outs  of a 457 visa, please speak to a registered migration agent or the company who is offering you a 457 visa.

Here are 10 things you need to know about 457 visas. Continue Reading