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Life In Perth

Life In Perth

Adventure Race Tours In South Africa

Adventure RaceTours South Africa

If adventure racing is your thing, you’re going to love this post! I was recently contacted by a South African now living in Perth, Ellen Allardice, who has started a business organising adventure race tours to South Africa. She’s putting together her first adventure race tour to South Africa to do the SANI2C – a 3 day mountain bike race in Kwa-Zulu Natal in May 2018.

Ellen is originally from Durban but has been in Australia for over 8 years now. Ellen and her family had the opportunity to move to Perth and took it, as they already had immediate family living here. I spoke to Ellen to find out more about her migration journey and what made her want to start organising adventure race tours. Continue Reading

Life In Perth

Postbox Courier: The New Way To Send Post From Australia To South Africa

Postbox Courier - Send Post To South Africa From Australia


If you’ve ever had to send something to South Africa, whether it was a present for a family member or some important documents or even just a card, I’m sure one question has gone through your mind each time: “Will it arrive?”

Never mind about worrying if it will arrive in one piece, or on time – the main concern is usually if it will arrive at all!

Unfortunately the South African Postal Service is not what it used to be. Even when we lived in South Africa you rarely posted birthday cards as you were always concerned that they’d ‘go missing’ – i.e. the postman might think there was money in the card and take it for himself (or herself!).

I recently discovered that there is a new way to get your post and parcels delivered safely to South Africa from Australia. Not only safely, but in just a matter of days too!

Enter Postbox Courier. Continue Reading

Life In Perth

Midland Ghost Tours With Shanks Pony Tours

Shanks Pony Tours - Ghost Tours Perth

If you’ve ever been keen to go on a ghost tour in Perth, I’ve found an awesome one for you! I was recently invited along to a ghost hunting tour at the Midland Town Hall by Shanks Pony Tours.

They offer a few different options including a 2 hour tour, a 4 hour investigation and a mystery ghost bus tour. I, along with my fellow admin on Proudly South African In Perth & WA Facebook group Erika, went for a 2 hour tour one Friday evening in April.

The tour is run by Patty Williams, a fellow ex-South African who is a psychic medium. She is also a councillor and when she started working at the Midland Town Hall, she started to encounter numerous spirits around the building.

She, along with a team of other paranormal investigators, began to research information around the spirits they were seeing and communicating with and have actually been able to verify the information with newspaper articles from the past – it’s really amazing! Continue Reading

Life In Perth

Tali’s Wedding Diary Starring Julia Anastasopoulos (aka Suzelle DIY)

Tali's Wedding Diary Showmax

If you’re a massive Suzelle DIY fan like me, you’ll be very excited to hear what she’s up to at the moment!

She’s filming a brand new show called Tali’s Wedding Diary, a mockumentary about a self-obsessed Sandton princess who’s moved to Cape Town and has hired a documentary crew to film the build-up to her wedding to property-agent fiancé Darren.

It’s being produced with Showmax and it’s their first original production.

Since introducing SuzelleDIY to YouTube, more than 70 Suzelle videos have been created, gaining almost 22 million views. One of her videos alone, How To Make A Cinderblock Bench, has clocked up more than 2.5 million views.

Ari Kruger, co-creator and director of Tali’s Wedding Diary, has worked extensively as a director for commercials, music videos and online content. His short films have gained significant attention online and played in film festivals around the world. Continue Reading

Life In Perth

The Cost Of Living In Perth 2017

The Cost Of Living In Perth 2017

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about the cost of living in Perth. At the time, we were renting and now we’re homeowners (yay!) I thought I’d better update that post as it gets a lot of eyeballs each month.

As a homeowner there a few more expenses to be taken care of, so these will be new additions to the list. Massive disclaimer on this post though – this is our personal experience of the cost of living. We are a fairly frugal family, but we do like to enjoy life too so I think we live a fairly average life when it comes to spending. We don’t watch every cent, but we also don’t go overboard every week on luxuries.

So let’s break it down into monthly costs and look at the cost of living in Perth in 2017. Continue Reading

Life In Perth

Our First Bali Holiday At The Melia – Nusa Dua

Our First Bali Holiday - Melia Nusa Dua

Late last year we decided we needed a proper family holiday. We’d gone through some pretty tough times in 2016 and worked out we hadn’t been a proper holiday since we arrived in Australia. By proper holiday I mean one that didn’t involve visiting family or showing family around WA.

So we hopped onto Scoopon and found an awesome deal for a holiday to Bali. Not just any holiday – an all inclusive holiday! These are pretty popular in the UK but almost impossible to find here in Australia (let me know if you know of any!), and not that common in Bali either. I’d never been that keen on visiting Asia in general, but after doing A LOT of research trying to find something that would be equally relaxing in Australia, that also didn’t cost the equivalent of 3 months of mortgage payments, we started looking further afield.

Bali seems to be the go to holiday location for most Australians and Western Australians especially. The lure of a cheap holiday in a tropical climate is appealing to many. While you can get pretty cheap accommodation and eat on the cheap in places like Kuta, we decided that we didn’t actually want to do very much on our holiday – it’s meant to be a holiday after all! Continue Reading

Life In Perth

Help Bring Johnny Clegg To Australia & New Zealand!


If you’re a fan of South African music, you’ll probably have heard that South African music legend, Johnny Clegg, is hanging up his musical boots.

He recently announced this on his website and says he wants to spend more time with his family after recently being diagnosed with cancer. He is currently in remission and has decided to embark on his final world tour to thank his fans both in South Africa and worldwide for their support during his 35 year career.

There’s only one problem with this plan – Australia and New Zealand are not included on the tour – yet! Continue Reading

Life In Perth

Miss Africa Perth 2017 – Meet South African Representative Charlen Boboko

Miss Africa Perth 2017

Recently I discovered there is a Miss Africa Perth competition and South Africa is being represented in the competition! This week I’ve had a chat with the lovely Charlen Boboko who is representing SA in the competition which will be decided on 27 May at the Astor Theatre (you can get tickets to the event online here).

Charlen moved to Perth when she was 14 to live with her mother. In 2012 she finished her school education and also became a mother to a baby girl. She took some time out of studying but has not let motherhood stop her continuing her education – she is currently studying biomedical science at Murdoch University while balancing motherhood and family life. She calls herself an introvert and loves losing herself in a good book. Her passion lies in issues that affect the communities where she has lived. She says “I would love to dedicate my life to helping young mothers and their children overcome adversity”.


Continue Reading

Life In Perth

South African Comedy All Stars – Perth Comedy Festival 2017

South African Comedy All Stars - Perth Comedy Festival 2017


It seems that lately we’ve been very spoilt with South African acts gracing our shores from The 3 South Africans at the Fringe Festival last year to Trevor Noah last October, Radio Raps at Oor Die Water and Kevin Fraser in March this year.

Now it’s the turn of some of South Africa’s finest comedians at the Perth Comedy Festival in what looks like a spectacular night of comedy with the South African Comedy Allstars! Continue Reading