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Visa & Migration News Roundup – September 2017

Migration News Round Up

With the citizenship changes gaining momentum it’s been an interesting month for visa and migration news in Australia. Here is a round up of the latest news related to migration to Australia.

No Citizenship Transition Period

A Senate committee has been told that there won’t be any transitional period for the proposed new citizenship changes. This means that any application sent from 20 April 2017 will be processed under new rules, if and when they are made legal. Continue Reading


The Cost Of Living In Sydney In 2017 – Amanda-Lee & Nico Share Their Story

The Cost Of Living In Sydney

Two of my most popular blog posts are the ones about the cost of living in Perth. Clearly there is a huge demand from potential migrants to know exactly how much life in Australia will cost them and what they need to earn to survive or have a comfortable lifestyle. This week, I’ve spoken to the Van Zyl family who live in Sydney and have shared with me what the cost of living in Sydney is like for their family of 3. Continue Reading


10 Reasons Not To Move To Australia

10 reasons not to move to australia

Everyone always goes on about all the awesome reasons you should move to Australia – the sandy white beaches, friendly people, land of opportunity, blah blah blah. We know all that, right? That’s why you ended up here on my blog! But I thought I’d turn it around and see if you’re really prepared to make the move and live in Australia, so here are 10 reasons NOT to move to Australia. Continue Reading


Book Your Spot On The Immigrate To Australia Roadshow in South Africa

Australian Migration Road Show South Africa

If you’ve been umming and ahhing about whether to emigrate to Australia, you’re not alone. In the last few years, and especially since Zuma has been in power, many South Africans have been investigating whether to up sticks and move abroad. An overwhelming number of those enquiries according to migration agents in South Africa, have been enquiries about emigration to Australia.

With recent changes to different visa classes in Australia announced in April 2017, and some coming into effect this month and next year, now is the time to take emigration to Australia seriously.

Immigrate To Australia Road Show In South Africa – August 2017

Suffolk Visa and Soft Landing Migrations have joined forces to host an Immigrate To Australia road show in South Africa to meet with local people who are serious about migrating to Australia. Continue Reading


How Does Childcare Work In Australia?



One of the most frequent questions I get from new or prospective migrants is:

‘How does child care work in Australia?’

Arriving in a new country, often not knowing anyone, let alone anyone you can trust with your children, is incredibly daunting.

If you’re a family where both parents need to work to make ends meet or have a comfortable life, then you’ll probably need to find a child care option that works for you.

Coming from the UK to Australia, I found the child care help from the government to be amazing. In the UK you get no government assistance with child care until your child turns 3.

Compare that to Australia where not only is everyone entitled to a child care rebate of up to $7500 per child per year, but there is also a means-tested child care benefit too.

I met a lovely woman recently who told me that when she first arrived in Australia, she had 4 kids and when they discovered the cost of child care, she decided not to work as what she could earn wouldn’t even cover the child care costs. She had no idea that they would have been entitled to any government assistance, and now a few years down the line and she is struggling to find work as she has no recent work experience.

So if I can help someone else avoid this mistake, then this post is worth it! Continue Reading


Visa & Migration News Roundup – July 2017

Migration News Round Up

Since the announcements back in April that 457 visas were to be scrapped and there would be changes to citizenship applications in Australia, it seems the process of applying for anything via the Department of Immigration and Border Control is fast becoming a nightmare for all involved!

Here is a round up of the latest news related to migration to Australia.

Continue Reading


Wanted: Stories From South Africans In Australia

South Africans In Australia

I was recently approached by Rosalie Clark, who is doing her PhD in Cultural and Heritage Tourism in South Africa. She is looking for stories from South Africans in Australia, particularly around South Africans who have made return visits to South Africa within the last 10 years. She is interested in how these visits to places of personal significance – e.g. a family home, a school, a holiday place – impacted you and how you recorded the story of these visits.

If you’re interested, here is a note from Rosalie and her contact details.

I emigrated to Sydney in 1999 and spent 14 fun years living there. While I loved the lifestyle and the Aussie sun, I became aware of a parallel need to remember the important times and places of my South African home. I became increasingly aware of the dual identity I had as South African and as Australian. Continue Reading


457 Visa Abolished – Now What?

457 Visas Abolished 2017

If you’re following my blog it’s likely that you’ve been watching the drama unfold with the recent abolishment of the 457 temporary visa for Australia.

While at first it didn’t seem like much more than another political gesture, it soon emerged that there are going to be far reaching and, unfortunately for some, devastating consequences.

While most changes to visa regulations are applied only to any new applications, the changes to the 457 visa in April 2017 mean that anyone on a 457 visa or in the process of applying for a 457 visa are also affected by these changes. Continue Reading


8 Common Misconceptions About Moving To Australia

8 Common Misconceptions About Moving To Australia


When you start to plan your move to Australia, you’ll be looking up information about the country and what life here is really like, probably at every opportunity you can get.

These days it’s so easy with smart phones and social media – you can pretty much find anything you want whenever you want. This can sometimes lead to an information overload! So how do you know what’s accurate and what’s just made up gumpf?

Unfortunately, it’s not always as clear cut as someone being right or wrong. Everyone who goes through the migration process will have their own unique experience which is completely shaped by their immediate environment, attitudes, support systems and life experience.

Just because one person said they love it here and they settled in really easily, doesn’t mean that’s what everyone experiences. And that’s perfectly OK. I often see people asking questions like ‘Someone told me 8 out of 10 South African families who migrate to Australia end up moving back to SA, is that true?’ or ‘How long will it take for us to settle in?’ or ‘Should I wait until the end of the school year before we move our family over?’.

No one can give you the right answer to any of these questions (well maybe the first one, as that just sounds like nonsense to me!). Your migration experience is what you make of it. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s not the wrong way or the right way, it’s just your way.

So in an effort to help you dispel some preconceived ideas about moving to Australia, let’s look at some common misconceptions about moving to Australia.

Continue Reading


Find Short Term Accommodation In Perth

Short Term accommodation in Perth

One of the questions that people always have for me is ‘Where can I find short term accommodation in Perth for when we first arrive?’.

If you’re shipping all your belongings, it makes sense to hire a furnished rental until your goods arrive and you’ve found a place of your own to move into. I recommend renting first as well so you can suss out different areas before you decide to buy. Things look very different in real life to Google Maps – believe me!

Short term accommodation in Perth is ideal for new arrivals. It gives you time to get to know Perth and the different areas. It can be expensive to rent just for a week or two but often if you take furnished rentals you can get a bigger discount as the owners know their properties will be occupied for longer periods. This doesn’t always apply during peak periods such as the summer holidays but it’s always worth checking before you book anywhere.

There are lots of short term accommodation sites on the internet but I’ve compiled a few options for new arrivals to Perth. Some of these properties are owned by South Africans who understand exactly what you are going through having done it themselves at one point or another! They’ve created cosy, welcoming and functional homes to help you settle into life in your new home country of Australia. Continue Reading