Mini Golf Fun At Holey Moley Golf Club Northbridge

Holey Moley Golf Club Northbridge Perth - Proudly South African In Perth

It’s true that we have no shortage of mini golf courses in Perth – or putt-putt as we used to call it in South Africa. But by far the most fun one I’ve ever played has to be Holey Moley Golf Club in Northbridge.

Holey Moley Golf Club Northbridge

Holey Moley has multiple locations across Australia and New Zealand (I even spotted one in Auckland on my whirlwind trip pre-Covid), and there are two venues in Perth – one in Carousel and one in Northbridge.

We checked out the one in Northbridge after a delish rooftop dinner at Lucky Chan’s Laundry & Noodle Bar just around the corner from Holey Moley Golf Club Northbridge.

Where Is Holey Moley Golf Club Northbridge?

Set in a gorgeous Tudor-inspired building on Lake Street, Holey Moley is family friendly before 5pm but after this time it’s no under 18s allowed. There’s a restaurant and bar on site, so you really can spend a few hours here easily. I must say drinks prices were eye-watering, but I guess that’s the city after dark for you.

Holey Moley Northbridge Interior

Now, on to the mini golf!

Mini Golf At Holey Moley

OMG, where do I start? They have 3 amazing courses all with its own theme. You can choose to play 9, 18, or 27 holes. Prices are currently:

  • 9 holes – $19 pp
  • 18 holes – $38 pp
  • 27 holes – $50 pp

It sounds like a lot but it’s totally worth it for the laughs. I wasn’t sure if 27 holes would be too much mini golf for our liking so we opted for 18 holes.

You can turn up on the day but I would book online to guarantee the time slot you’d prefer.

We signed in, chose our clubs and then tokens to get our balls out of old-fashioned gumball machines –  a cute retro touch. You can also purchase some fetching mini-golf headwear – although you’re probably more likely to do this after a drink or two. Thanks for my visor Erika!

Holey Moley Northbridge - Golf Headwear

The next dilemma was which courses to play as we could only choose 2. The course themes are:

  • Movies & TV
  • Pop Culture
  • Sports & Games

As a huge movie nerd, there was no question that we just had to start with the movie themed course, which begins with a Jurassic Park themed hole.

Other holes are inspired by The Big Lebowski, Back To The Future, Jaws, horror movies I prefer not to relive, The Simpsons and Game Of Thrones.

Getting a photo on the Simpsons couch is obligatory of course!

The Game of Thrones hole is the final one of the course and you have to hit your ball into the seat of the Iron Throne. Be prepared to spend a good while at this hole as it’s pretty challenging (however I did get a hole in one on this hole so got bonus minus points – woop woop!).

We took a short drinks break, tried not to choke on the price of a round, then decided on the next course to play.

While the sports and game themed course looked super fun, the pop culture one was the one we opted for.

This one included ET, Harry Potter, Houdini, Lego, and Monopoly inspired holes.

We had so many laughs going around Holey Moley Golf Club in Northbridge, so I definitely want to go back to do the course we missed, as well as check out the one in Carousel.

Have you been to Holey Moley in Northbridge? Which was your favourite course? Let me know in the comments!

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