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Taylors in the Valley - Proudly South African In Perth

After a few months of being closed this year, Taylors Café in the Swan Valley has recently re-opened under the new name of Taylors In The Valley.

We booked a table for brunch late on the Sunday morning of their first weekend back open. While the name and staff may have changed, little else has. What I loved about Taylors was their short but interesting menu that caters for everyone.

The Menu at Taylors In The Valley

Their menu has plenty of vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, and gluten free options. Their breakfast menu is available until 11:30am and their lunch menu until 14:00 on weekdays and 14:30 on weekends.

Lunch Menu at Taylors in the Valley

Our Experience at Taylors In The Valley

Our table was booked at 11:00 but when we arrived we were told that the breakfast menu was finished, and the lunch menu was started. This wasn’t an issue for us as their lunch menu has several brekkie options on it anyway so we had the best of both worlds to choose from.

I opted for the pumpkin smash with pesto, feta, toasted pepitas, greens and a fried egg on buttered sourdough ($18) which was on both menus, while Mr C and Mr 10 both picked items from the lunch menu.

We were told it was going to be around a 30-minute wait for food as the kitchen was backed up, but that was fine as we weren’t in a rush. Saying that, the drinks took ages to come as well – a vanilla milkshake ($7), a Lean Green smoothie ($8) and a Coke ($5.50).

Lean Green Smoothie at Taylors in the Valley

After about 45 minutes my pumpkin smash arrived, at which point there was a little confusion as the waitress said because the other dishes were ordered off the lunch menu, which wasn’t actually available at time of ordering, they were only processing breakfast orders.

Not the best experience after waiting 45 minutes for 1/3rd of our food.

Pumpkin Smash at Taylors in the Valley

The pumpkin smash was tasty but lukewarm and would have been better with a poached egg instead of fried.

The lunch items arrived about 10 minutes later – Mr 10 went with his regular option of kids chicken nuggets and chips ($10) and Mr C wasn’t feeling great (hence the Coke – not something he would usually drink) so went with just a bowl of chips ($9.50) – hardly food that needed 55 minutes to prepare.

The Verdict

Perhaps it was just first week teething issues but I have to admit I was a little underwhelmed by our brunch experience. We’ve been here several times over the years and always had great food and lovely relaxed brunch. This time felt disjointed and disorganised, especially as it really wasn’t particularly busy the whole time we were there.

The space is lovely and has loads of indoor and outdoor seating, with an eclectic collection of sculptures and artworks dotted around the venue. There is always plenty of parking making it easy to get in and out of this Swan Valley brunch spot.

Overall I would return but perhaps once the kinks have been ironed out.

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Taylors In The Valley Brunch Experience - Proudly South African In Perth

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