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The 2 Tarts Tuisnywerheid Perth - South African Home Baking Perth

Last month when we were in South Africa, I rediscovered the joys of the tuisnywerheid! I’m sure you all remember the shops selling homemade treats and handmade products? At the time I wished we could have our very own tuisnywerheid in Perth and I posted that on the Proudly South African In Perth Facebook page.

Lo and behold, someone commented and told me all about a brand new business, The 2 Tarts, who are doing just that! I got in touch with them to find out all about their awesome tuisnywerheid in Perth!


The 2 Tarts Tuisnywerheid In Perth

Run by 2 mums, Charlene and Carina, these two lovely ladies met at university in Johannesburg and both have moved to Perth in the last 3 years. I chatted with them about The 2 Tarts and found out everything you’d want to know about them and their sweet treats!


Where are you from in SA?

Both former Johannesburgers (born and bred!) whose paths swiftly crossed while studying at Rand Afrikaans University (now UJ).

Charlene and Carina The 2 Tarts Tuisnywerheid Perth - Proudly South African In Perth


How long have you been in Perth?

Charlene has, like Carina, moved directly from Johannesburg to Perth.  She has been shooting roots for 2 and a half years.  Carina arrived approximately a year after.


What made you move from South Africa to Australia?

Both of our husbands (in completely different industries) received job opportunities neither could refuse.

The 2 Tarts Tuisnywerheid Perth - Proudly South African In Perth


When did you start the business?

We have been “baking” our friendship and planning our business since early last year.

We went through extensive planning and tested our family recipes thoroughly before registering our business and applying for our Food Permit/Licence from the City of Wanneroo.


Why did you start the business?

Both of us have a love for baking and food.

We cherish the original “tuisnywerheid”-feel that we grew up with and love to introduce it to our fellow Australians.

The 2 Tarts Tuisnywerheid Perth Menu - Proudly South African In Perth


What’s the story behind the name?

Our families know us best – and that is where the suggestions came from.

Carina’s father hit the nail on the head (or shall I say ‘put the cinnamon on the milktart!’)


What do you offer at The 2 Tarts?

Feel good food that either takes you back to cherished memories or on a new road of exploring new and different flavours.

From koeksisters to fudge, rusks to crunchies, milktarts and the more.

Our strategy is to introduce even more homemade delicacies regularly.

The 2 Tarts Tuisnywerheid Perth Rusks and Combo - Proudly South African In Perth


How are people reacting to your tuisnywerheid in Perth?

We have been blessed and amazed by the interest and love.

If you told these two corporate women 5 years ago that we would be baking traditional South African treats – that we saw our Grandmothers and Mothers baked when we were young – we would never have believed it!

However, “baking” our friendship and baking for The 2 Tarts fills a gap neither of us realised we had.


What’s your favourite thing to do when you aren’t baking?

We spend most of our time with our families and enjoy the Perth lifestyle of beaches, parks, a ‘braai’ and a glass (or 2!) of wine!


Get In Touch With The 2 Tarts

If you want to get your very own slice of South Africa, you can find Carina and Charlene on Facebook here. They also just started their own Instagram page so go and give them some love on Instagram too.

They have pick up points in Tapping and Jindalee and you can email them directly at


Do you know of any other awesome South African run businesses that deserve a shout out on my blog? Let me know about them in the comments or contact me online!



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