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The Biltong Brewing Company Australia

When it comes to biltong in Australia, it can feel like we’re spoiled for choice compared to other countries around the world. With an abundance of South African shops, and South African products available online, you can probably find biltong somewhere nearby fairly easily.

But when it comes to quality biltong, that’s another question altogether!

Enter the Biltong Brewing Company.

(Read on to find out how to claim your FREE braai spice!)

The Biltong Brewing Company

The Biltong Brewing Company was established in 2019 by a South African/Irish husband and wife team. While living in Asia, they found themselves increasingly disappointed with the quality of biltong they could buy overseas.

They decided to start making their own biltong instead, and discovered that a lot of the readily-available spice mixes were packed full of additives, flavour-enhancers, and preservatives. Not only that, but the equipment they could get their hands on was often poor quality plastic and never lasted very long.

After relocating from Asia to Australia, they still found it impossible to buy spices that didn’t contain MSG and preservatives. With friends and family telling them their home-made biltong was the best they had ever tasted, they started creating their own biltong spice mixes as well as biltong making kits.

Behind The Name

There’s a simple reason for the name – just as we say we brew a pot of tea (or beer if you prefer!), biltong can also be ‘brewed’. You add your chosen ingredients, leave them to ‘brew’, and create something refreshing and delicious – hence the Biltong Brewing Company. They provide everything you need to brew the perfect batch of biltong in their online store.

Biltong Brewing Company Products

When they launched in 2019, they sold biltong spices and their beautiful, hand-crafted biltong boxes. Today they have an amazing range of biltong and braai products:

  • Biltong Spices: Chilli & Regular
  • Biltong Making Kits
  • Biltong Choppers
  • Biltong Accessories
  • Boerewors Mix
  • Braai Spices: Biltong Meats Braai, Biltong Meats Brisket and Mozambique Peri Peri
  • Braai Kits
  • Handcrafted wooden boards

With a large proportion of regular customers, they have been blown away by the popularity of their products across Australia. From those buying presents for their other halves, to personal trainers introducing their home-made biltong to their health-conscious clients, to a guy who bought a box for his friend so he would stop stealing him, people are just loving their spices, kits and biltong boxes.

Their spice mixes have been so popular, they now come in larger 1kg and 3kg packets too.

And the best thing about their spice mixes? They are the only biltong spice in Australia made from all natural ingredients – no preservatives, no colourings, and definitely no MSG!

Making Your Own Biltong

Making your own biltong is actually easier than you might think – if you have the right ingredients and equipment!

If you’re still unsure about this DIY approach to biltong, you can watch this handy video on how to make your own biltong that the Biltong Brewing Company has created.

And if you’re still not convinced, how about considering the cost of biltong? Depending on where you buy biltong and the quality of the meat, it’s not uncommon for prices in Australia to range from $60 to $100 per kilo. But if you make your own biltong, you can make it for around $30 per kilo (after dehydration). Now that’s a saving and a half!

Get A Free Braai Spice With This Exclusive Discount Code

I’m so excited to share a fabulous discount code exclusively for you thanks to the Biltong Brewing Company!

When you place your online order with the Biltong Brewing Company and spend at least $50, enter the code PROUD to get a FREE 300g braai spice of your choice.

Choose from the following 3 flavours:

  • Biltong Meats Braai
  • Biltong Meats Brisket
  • Mozambique Peri Peri

So place your order online, and once your basket is $50 or more, add your chosen braai spice then enter the code PROUD and your 300g braai spice will automatically become free!

Find The Biltong Brewing Company Online

With Father’s Day just around the corner, you won’t find a better gift for the occasion than something from the Biltong Brewing Company! With gifts and products ranging from spices and rubs to complete biltong making boxes, kits, and choppers, you’ll find something in your budget that all the Dads in your life will love!

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