The House Of Honey & Sticky Spoon Café

The House of Honey and Sticky Spoon Cafe Swan Valley Perth

When it comes to places to eat in the Swan Valley, we’re really spoilt for choice. One of my favourite places to visit in the Swan Valley for a bite to eat is The House Of Honey & Stick Spoon Café.

As the name suggests, The House Of Honey specialises in making raw, pure, and unpasteurised varietal honey. They make some of the best honey in Western Australia with the most intense and delicious flavours.

The History Behind The House Of Honey

The owner of The House Of Honey is Rupert Phillips, who was born in Kenya but grew up in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. His keen interest in bees started when he was 8, and after moving to Australia in 1982 his passion for beekeeping became a way of life when he purchased The House Of Honey after moving to the Swan Valley in 2005.

Back then, there was no café and so in 2008 construction began on what we now know as The House of Honey & The Sticky Spoon Café, both of which opened to the public in 2010.

You can see some of his prizes from the Royal Agricultural Society of Natal framed on the wall in the tasting room.

The House Of Honey Shop

The walk up to the café is picturesque – shaded by gorgeous verdant foliage over a lengthy wooden garden arbor.

Entrance to The House Of Honey Swan Valley Perth

Inside you’ll find a beautifully laid out shop full of bee related goods – from jars of honey to books about bee-keeping, handmade beeswax candles to honey-infused sweets, honey soaps and hand creams to honey-based healing gels.

Honey Shop at The House of Honey

You can also head to the self-serve honey-tasting station where you can help yourself to tastings of the huge range of local honey made on site.

Honey Tasting at The House of Honey

Also inside is a well-stocked ice-cream freezer full of divine-sounding flavours like honey and macadamia, honey, ginger and choc chip, and honey and strawberry drizzle.

Honey ice cream at The House of Honey

Mead Tasting

To the right of the building is a cute mead tasting bar – yes that’s right they make mead too! Mead is made traditionally by fermenting honey with water, and sometimes with various fruits, spices, grains or hops. At The House of Honey, they have an extensive range of mead available to taste and buy.

Mead tasting at The House Of Honey

The current range of mead includes sparkling mead, a rose mead, a shiraz mead and several honey-based liquers as well.

The Sticky Spoon Café

At The Sticky Spoon Café, the menu is comprised of light lunch options as well as traditional Devonshire tea – honey scones with jam, cream and honey, with a tea or coffee included.

To drink, I chose the sparkling honey ($4.80) which was cold and refreshing on the warm autumn day.

Sparkling Honey drink at The House Of Honey Swan Valley

For lunch, I couldn’t resist the House Of Honey tasting plate. This comprised fresh panini bread, EVOO, bush honey balsamic vinegar, dukkah, hummus and locally made Swan Valley Street olives ($12.50).

My fellow diners opted for the pie of the day and the savoury muffin ($6.50). Other meal options include quiche, bagels, and croissants. Not forgetting a delicious range of honey-based cakes and other sweet treats too.

For a light lunch in the Swan Valley, set in beautiful surroundings, you can’t miss checking out The House of Honey.

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