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I first visited Guildford in December – I will be honest, I only went because I had won a prize via a Swan Valley Facebook competition and had to go there to collect it. When I entered the town, I could not believe my eyes! History seeping from every corner! Something I have been missing so much since we arrived in Perth from the 1000+ years of history in England.



The town is absolutely gorgeous, and was settled in 1829, one of three towns established in WA at the time. Perth was the admin town, Fremantle was the port and Guildford was the market town. There are oodles of antique shops, galleries and gift shops, as well as oh so many lovely restaurants, cafes and tea rooms to satisfy even the most fussy foodie. The Rose and Crown was established here in 1841, and the Guildford jail was later built to accommodate all the trouble makers which surfaced at the Rose and Crown!


Swan Valley Visitor Centre


The Swan Valley Visitor Centre is based here too as Guildford is the gateway to the Swan Valley, so next time you plan a Swan Valley visit, make this your first stop and grab a handy map and some tips from the friendly volunteers. Be sure to check out the original jail here as well.


The best thing to do is grab a map of the various trails around the town from the visitor centre and pick a route. The maps detail what to look out for along the way and there are various notices and plaques around the town so you can find out more about places in the town.


Guildford Walks


There is also a gothic chapel which looks like it should be ancient but is modern by UK church standards, but well worth a visit for its beauty.


If you are looking for a day out away from the city but without having to drive for hours, head to Historic Guildford. You can even work your way back home through the Swan Valley for a few cheeky wine or beer tastings.




Have you been to Guildford? What did you do there?



  • I ate!! hehe It has so many lovely cafes etc. I love “Little Guildford”, “Maddison Cottage” for high tea and “The Rose and Crown” has a fab beer garden 🙂

  • Sally
    11th August 2016 at 10:10 pm

    Can’t wait to be in Perth again over Christmas & New Year!
    Thanks to ProudlySouthAfricaninPerth for great posts….so much to do ???


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