Big Boys The Third - Perth Fringe Festival 2018

Big Boys The Third: South Africans At The 2018 Perth Fringe Festival

We’re so spoiled for choice when it comes to events in Perth – many people scoff and call us Dullsville, but if you look around you might realise just how much we have to do here in Perth. Whenever the Perth Fringe Festival program is released, I go through all the acts to see what looks good. This year a few shows caught my eye, and one of the first I circled was Big Boys The Third – a comedy dance show by South Africans.

I was then super excited to be emailed by one of the actors in the show, Bradley Searle, asking me to help get the word out about their show. As I love sharing all things South African in Perth with you, and you all love hearing about them, of course I said yes!

All About Big Boys The Third

The show is another sequel to a long running and internationally award winning shows Big Boys Don’t Dance and Big Boys II. To get you all up to speed on the series, here is a quick recap:

For the unfortunate ones who have missed Big Boys Don’t Dance and Big Boys II, it all began when … Ash finds himself in a catastrophic predicament when a stripper at his bachelor party appears to have stolen his car – well, actually, the luxury car of his father-in-law-to-be.  The ever-resourceful Brad steps in and devises a plan for the brothers to enter a well-known TV dance competition, win the prize money and buy a new car. The idea seems ludicrous, but Ash goes ahead with the insanity anyway and – against all odds – they pull it off.  Almost.  As they hurriedly leave for the wedding in the Mercedes which Brad finally reveals was hidden in a ploy to get Ash to dance again, and with a stash of money to ensure that Brad and his girlfriend Shannon could join the happy couple on their honeymoon, there is a screech of brakes and an almighty crash …

As Big Boys II takes up the story, we discover that, upon arriving at the wedding venue some 16 hours late, the brothers find the heart-broken bride has left. She requests some time alone, to think. And so begins another ridiculous and far-fetched adventure fuelled by Brad’s wild imagination and Ash’s gullibility, where the two brothers embark on a hilarious mission to find her in London and get the wedding back on track. After a striptease in front of minors instead of a ladies’ club lands them in jail, and the prospect fades of getting Ash home in time for the wedding which has suddenly been given the green light, Brad once more saves the day – but not without striking a deal.  With money earned as their dancing which he posted on YouTube goes viral, he gets them released and on a plane back to South Africa on condition that Ash agrees to create the Ash & Brad Show. Fame and fortune seem just around the corner at last, but life is not all smooth sailing for Brad … the news arrives that Shannon is pregnant.

In Big Boys the Third we join Ash and Brad in the hospital as they wait excitedly but with nervous trepidation for the arrival of Brad and Shannon’s baby. The boys banter in their inimitable style, they spar, they dance – as they debate the joys and challenges of pregnancy and impending fatherhood. Is Brad ready for this new and important phase in his life? Will Ash ever recover from the calamitous happenings at the Ash & Brad Show in Los Angeles? Will the brotherhood survive?

Big Boys The Third - Photo By Vanessa Harris

Big Boys the Third now comes to the Perth Fringe Festival in January and February 2018. It had its premiere run at the National Arts Festival in 2016 where it was one of the two top-selling shows on the Grahamstown Fringe and went on to run at the Kalk Bay Theatre and Restaurant in Cape Town.

In Big Boys the Third FollowSpot Productions has stepped up its game in exhilarating new ways – by providing a broader range of dance styles (jazz, hip-hop and an exciting new routine in tap), a great selection of well-known music classics – both old and new – that follow the latest dance trends, and an increased focus on technology with particular attention to lighting, sound editing, voice-overs and screen manipulation.

The Cast & Crew

Ashley and Bradley Searle not only play brothers on stage but are real life brothers too. Born in Pretoria, Ash has appeared in numerous stage productions across the world including Chicago, African Footprint, The Buddy Holly Story, We Will Rock You and Fame. South Africa also voted Ash into the top three of the television series So You Think You Can Dance?

In 2008, Ash and his wife Vanessa Harris (who I actually went to school with – small world!) started their own company FollowSpot Productions. Since then, they have been on a mission to create accessible and comedic musical theatre in intimate venues. They have co-written 14 shows, and have been credited with numerous awards, both in South Africa and internationally. They also manage the famous and eclectic Kalk Bay Theatre and Restaurant in Cape Town.

Big Boys The Third - Photo Credit Nadine Theron

Bradley has been dancing and performing since he was 8 year old and at 17 he was cast in his first professional production, Janice Honeyman’s Peter Pan The Pantomime. He’s been acting all over the world since, including as a cast member of several of FollowSpot Productions shows and appeared at the Brighton Festival in the UK and the Perth Fringe Festival here in Australia.

Get Tickets For Big Boys The Third

Big Boys The Third opens on Saturday 27th January and runs until 4 February. There is one show each night which starts at 7:30pm. The venue is a good one – it’s right in the main Fringe space in Northbridge in The Gold Digger at Fringe Central.

Tickets are $30 and the show is rated M, so you may want to leave the young ones at home!

Get your tickets online now, in case they are sold out on the night when you get to the door.

Thanks to Brad for asking me to share this South African show at the Perth Fringe Festival with you all.

Read my posts about previous South African shows at the Perth Fringe Festival in 2017 and The 3 South Africans in 2016.


Big Boys The Third - Fringe Festival Perth 2018

Disclosure: As a thank you for helping spread the word to South Africans in Perth, I received 2 tickets to the show.



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