Coming In 2017: Northshore Christian Grammar School In Alkimos

Northshore Christian Grammar School Alkimos

Today on the blog I’m pleased to share with you our first guest post by Nicole Ohm from the Swan Christian Education Association. They are opening a brand new school, Northshore Christian Grammar School in Alkimos in 2017  and approached me to share more information about this new school. Many of their applications so far have been from South African families, many of whom seek faith schools for their children when they arrive in Perth.

Over to Nicole!

Choosing A School In Perth

Australia and South Africa share many similarities: a history of British colonisation, being more or less on the same latitude, and a multicultural community, to name but a few. Both South Africans and Australians are extremely friendly, outgoing and helpful people who love the outdoors and love their sports, both actively and as spectators.

However, for all its seeming similarity to South African society, Australian culture is really quite different. Day to day life – and school life – in Australia is vastly dissimilar.

You may be reminiscing about your school days: throwing hoops at little break, playing barefoot, civvy’s day, matric farewell and assemblies, where you memorised scripture and learnt how your sports team did that weekend.

And you may be wondering whether your children can expect something similar here.

Let me introduce Northshore Christian Grammar School (NCGS). Located on 9.5 hectares, a stone’s throw from the beach in Alkimos, Northshore Christian Grammar School will open its doors for students from Kindergarten to Year 6 in 2017, growing each year to include Year 12 by 2023.

Swan Christian Education Assocation

The school is owned and operated by the Swan Christian Education Association (SCEA), an Association founded over 30 years ago born from a need to provide balanced, Christian education that would nurture and develop children’s spiritual, academic, emotional, creative and physical needs. Today, our Association of six successful schools work closely together towards achieving our vision of being leaders of effective Christian education in WA, to influence the next generation of children globally.

Northshore Christian Grammar School Alkimos

Rest assured that this school will be a grammar school of reputation, with traditional values and high expectations. The Latin school motto, ‘nos non commovebitur’ (we shall not be moved) evidences the Biblical foundations that will underpin NCGS’s programs and the distinctly Christian world-view that will be embedded in every aspect of school life. That said, the school will have an open enrolment policy which allows students to build the skills required to live in a multi-cultural society.


Academically, the school will exemplify excellence in teaching and learning so that students emerge with a life long love of learning and a rigorous academic foundation. In this school, to do your best will be the norm, not the exception. Recognising that every student’s learning needs are different, the school allows for extension and remediation with success defined as each student being proactive to perform beyond their personal best. Every student will become an independent learner, intrinsically motivated to grow and learn as individuals.

SCEA has its own Institute of Teaching and Learning, with the goal of pursuing educational excellence and working along teachers and school leaders to support learning within the classroom and beyond. Longer term, the secondary program for Year 10 – Year 12 will cater to all student learning directions, with equal respect for the pathways students choose.

Creative Subjects & Sport

As we are committed to developing the whole child, music, the arts and sport will play a large role in students’ lives. The offering will be determined in consultation with the inaugural parent cohort, so there is great scope to shape the extra curricular program.

In Australia, much sport is played in local community settings and students will be encouraged to do so until the school grows and develops its facilities to support its own teams. We will participate in sporting carnivals with other local schools and our close proximity to the pristine beaches at Alkimos provides opportunities for water-based fitness and sport programs. We are proposing to have a naval cadet unit, which will offer the opportunity for sail training, community service and leadership development.


Multilingualism is an increasingly required skill in today’s world and Northshore Christian Grammar School will offer a strong CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) language program, commencing in Kindergarten. CLIL refers to situations where subjects are taught in a foreign language with the dual aim of learning the subject content, and the foreign language simultaneously.

As at our fellow SCEA Schools, senior language students will be encouraged to participate in local and overseas opportunities to further immerse themselves in their chosen language, opening up a world of opportunities when they graduate as young adults.

Northshore Christian Grammar School Alkimos

Christian Principles

Northshore Christian Grammar School will embody a unique, joyful culture based on Biblical foundations, where diversity and differences are celebrated. With exclusively Christian teachers leading a strong pastoral support program, NCGS will provide students with a well-rounded education in a supportive, disciplined environment. Our school chaplain will reflect the love of Christ with a focus on guiding, supporting, reconciling, nurturing, liberating, and empowering students. You can expect your child to be taught values and principles that are aligned with our own personal beliefs.


The architect designed buildings at the school will include modern and permanent, purpose-built class facilities for K to 12 learning, a primary and full-size oval, dedicated play and common areas, a gymnasium, hard courts and a community centre.

We are excited to welcome you to join our blossoming school community. We are confident that you – and your child – will feel right at home.

For more information, visit their website or email to request an interview with the Principal or download an enrolment pack here.

Fees for 2017 start from $3500 per child for kindergarten and up to $4240 per child for years 3-6.

Thanks Nicole for sharing this valuable information which I’m sure many South African families in the northern suburbs will be interested in!

If you are new to Perth, check out my posts which are all about renting a house in Perth and how to find a job in Perth.

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