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Tali’s Wedding Diary Starring Julia Anastasopoulos (aka Suzelle DIY)

Tali's Wedding Diary Showmax

If you’re a massive Suzelle DIY fan like me, you’ll be very excited to hear what she’s up to at the moment!

She’s filming a brand new show called Tali’s Wedding Diary, a mockumentary about a self-obsessed Sandton princess who’s moved to Cape Town and has hired a documentary crew to film the build-up to her wedding to property-agent fiancé Darren.

It’s being produced with Showmax and it’s their first original production.

Since introducing SuzelleDIY to YouTube, more than 70 Suzelle videos have been created, gaining almost 22 million views. One of her videos alone, How To Make A Cinderblock Bench, has clocked up more than 2.5 million views.

Ari Kruger, co-creator and director of Tali’s Wedding Diary, has worked extensively as a director for commercials, music videos and online content. His short films have gained significant attention online and played in film festivals around the world.

In 2014, the creative duo combined their skills and passion for comedy and developed a project outside of their commercial work. The result of this, SuzelleDIY, has now grown into a full-scale brand and business. Julia and Ari have since started a production company called Sketchbook Studios, which produces SuzelleDIY alongside an array of new characters and online content.

Sketchbook Studios

Speaking about the decision to work with Showmax, Anastasopoulos said:

“When Ari and I first approached Showmax we knew we had a great concept but weren’t sure if they’d bite – getting backing for a production in South Africa can be tough. To their credit Showmax instantly bought into what we’re trying to do. This is exactly the kind of support the film industry in this country needs. We’ve got world-class acting and production talent so it’s a huge boost to see a local company fund local productions.”

Speaking about plans for original productions, Showmax Africa Head Chris Savides said:

“Supporting African productions is absolutely part of our strategy. There’s incredible talent and expertise on this continent, so why look anywhere else, especially when you’re trying to tell authentic, locally relevant stories?”

ShowMax also sat down with Julia and found out a bit more about the woman behind the international sensation that is Suzelle DIY.


What are you working on at the moment that you’re excited about?

We are working on a brand-new comedy TV show that we will start shooting in May. It’s fresh, edgy and very different to Suzelle – we are all very excited about it.


What made you decide to get into film/ television in the first place?

I studied Drama at UCT and have been interested in the world of Film and Television for as long as I can remember. I have always loved creating comedic characters, I find it challenging and extremely rewarding.


What’s the last series you binge-watched?

Big Little Lies. I loved it. I thought the storytelling and acting were excellent. (We couldn’t binge-watch it, unfortunately, because we were watching them as they were released – but that’s not to say I wouldn’t binge watch it again.)


What classic series do you re-watch over and over and why?

I love re-watching Friends and Seinfeld. The comedy is so good and the episodes are short and easy to watch.


What’s your favourite childhood show from South Africa?

I loved watching anything on KTV! I really idolised those KTV presenters!


What’s the one show you love watching but wouldn’t admit to anyone else?

Grey’s Anatomy!


What’s one classic film everyone should watch?

The Wizard of Oz


Filming for Tali’s Wedding Diary is currently underway in Cape Town. The eight-part series will premiere on Showmax in December. Each episode will be approximately 20 minutes long. Find out what other shows you can watch and how to sign up to Showmax here.

What’s your favourite Suzelle DIY episode? Let me know in the comments!



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