The Lowdown On Boktown Perth

Boktown Perth 2015


Yesterday saw one of the biggest organised rugby events in Perth take place – Boktown Perth 2015.

The Game Sports Bar in Northbridge was commandeered by organisers and brothers Dean and Lloyd Hildebrand to host the event which saw over 1200 rugby supporters (mostly Springbok but there were a few brave Wallabies supporters there too!) turn up to watch South Africa take on Australia in The Rugby Championship in Brisbane.

The doors opened at 2pm and we arrived just before 4pm, and there were already almost 400 people there. I did wonder how so many people were going to fit into the venue but the place was just huge with lots of different areas all filled with huge screens and TV’s so pretty much wherever you stood you could see a screen, which was great for people like me who are not the tallest!


Boktown Perth


We got Boktown wristbands when we entered as well as our vouchers for a free boerewors roll and drink each, which I must say looked really professional.


Boktown Perth


We headed straight to the bar, as you do, and grabbed a Castle and a Savannah Dark, supplied by one of the best bottle shops in Perth, Copper and Oak.


Boktown Perth


Outside the front the braais were well underway with many people already tucking into their boerie rolls but there were also bunny chows and vetkoek and mince available which looked so good!


Boktown Perth


The awesome South African food was supplied by Cape To Cairo who also set up a mini South African shop outside as well, selling snacks like Ghost Pops, Nik Naks, Tex bars and much more. A good selection of rugby supporters gear was on sale too and my hubby picked up a nice Springbok t-shirt for $15.

While the venue did allow for kids to come along, the majority of attendees were adults, and being a pub in Northbridge on a Saturday night I can understand why. It was great though that families had the option to bring their kids along, as sometimes being in a foreign country with no family and friends to babysit, it can be hard to get out there and do stuff sometimes.

Boktown Perth
Back inside the venue we spotted The Soar Project whom Boktown had teemed up with and part of the profits from the event will be going to this great charity. They were selling tattoo transfers of the SA flag and Bokke branded with Boktown Perth and judging by the faces of attendees, most people stopped by to support them. The team were really friendly and were telling me about the charity and how they are currently collecting donations of clothes to send to various places in South Africa. If you have any items of clothing you would like to donate, please get in touch with them.

Next to the Soar Project was the Food Of Africa biltong and droewors stand, pretty obligatory at an event like this!

Boktown Perth
We happened to meet up with some friends and checked out some more of the venue which was cavernous! It just kept going and going! The bar area right at the back of the venue was a great spot with a huge screen in the corner of the room and lots of bar tables and chairs which were already packed with people having a good time.


Boktown Perth



Just before the game started Danny Green made a quick appearance much to the delight of the crowd!

Needless to say the game was pretty tense but despite a loss for the Boks, the atmosphere was awesome! There is just something amazing about watching sport in a communal space with your fellow countrymen, even if you don’t follow rugby normally or don’t know all the rules. And even though the Aussies won, the ones there didn’t gloat too much and you know what, we live in Australia now too, so we really can’t be that upset when our home country wins!


Boktown Perth


A big hats off to the organisers, Dean and Lloyd Hildebrand, who have worked so hard on this for the last few months and managed to pull off a really fantastic event. I didn’t see any trouble or drama throughout the event, everything ran pretty smoothly and with so many different spaces throughout the venue it did not feel like there were over 1200 people there at all. Great job guys!

I’m sure that Dean and Lloyd both need some R&R after organising this awesome event but I’m not sure we will have to wait too long to find out what they have in store for us with their next event! I will keep you posted!


Did you go to Boktown Perth? What did you think of the event?

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