Visa & Migration News Roundup – July 2017

Migration News Round Up

Since the announcements back in April that 457 visas were to be scrapped and there would be changes to citizenship applications in Australia, it seems the process of applying for anything via the Department of Immigration and Border Control is fast becoming a nightmare for all involved!

Here is a round up of the latest news related to migration to Australia.

Over 81,000 citizenship applications are awaiting processing with more being sent in each day. The DIBP is also reporting that the average processing times for citizenship applications is currently 13 months for 90% of citizenship applications.

The 2017/18 occupation lists for skilled migration to Australia have been announced – take a look and see if your job or skills have been removed or added.

457 visa wins for universities, medical research and horse trainers – lobbying by different industries has resulted in a relaxation on the recent controversial changes to 457 visas.

SBS has written an interesting explainer article about where Australia’s migrants are from and why they settle where they do. Read it here.

Statistics have revealed that there are 64,000 people living illegally in Australia. They name the highest offenders by nationality and I’m glad to see South Africans don’t make the top offenders list!

The Turnbull government has released details about the changes to the Australian citizenship test. The labour government has said they will be challenging the new rules, especially the ridiculous new English test requirement. You can even take a practice citizenship test here and see how you get on! Happy to report I got 95%, not too shabby!

What news have you heard lately?

Pop your stories and links in the comments below.



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