The Best Expat Podcasts You Need To Listen To

Best Expat Podcasts

Do you love listening to podcasts and are planning a move overseas? Then this is the perfect blog for you. I’ve put together a list of the best expat podcasts you need to listen to.

There are so many expat podcasts available online but not too many are active after launching. Running a podcast is hard work so many of the expat podcasts I researched haven’t posted new episodes for years.

This list of podcasts about expat life are currently active in 2021 so read on to find some new and fascinating podcasts about moving and living overseas.

SA Expats

SA Expats is a podcast for emigration-curious South Africans. It aims to bring you experiences and stories from South African ex-pats, as well as advice from experts who specialise in making the process easier, cheaper, and faster.

I was Jon’s first ever guest on this podcast which started in 2021, which was super exciting. Since then he’s gone on to speak to South African expats around the world, including Sweden, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, and the United States.

So no matter where you’re thinking of going, this podcast gives you some great insights into what it’s like to move overseas as a South African.

Recommended Episode – Reeva Moved To Perth, Australia

The Bittersweet Life

Started by two childhood friends from Seattle who both now live in Rome, The Bittersweet Life podcast explores the highs and lows of the expat experience.

New episodes drop weekly and discuss a range of topics related to expat life.

Recommended Episode – Expat or Immigrant?

Expat Focus

You may have come across the Expat Focus website but did you know they have a podcast too?

Listen to episodes with heaps of practical help, including questions around finding work, finding places to live, how Covid has impacted immigration around the world, and much more.

Recommended Episode – How To Move To Australia

Thriving Abroad

Thriving Abroad offers interviews with expats and relocation experts who share their stories, expat experiences and helpful tips to help you move overseas and build a thriving new life.

Recommended Episode –  Supporting Expat Kids To Thrive

Two Fat Expats

Kirsty Rice and Nikki Moffit have over twenty years of expat life experience having lived in ten countries (and given birth in six of those). Libya, Jakarta, Hong Kong, the US, Kuala Lumpur…the list goes on. On Two Fat Expats, they answer the curly questions on expat life and throw in the occasional expat interview to get an insight into expat life.

Recommended Episode – Are you a bad parent for making your child move countries?

The Empowered Expat Wife Podcast

If you moved abroad following your significant other and want to create a fulfilled life on YOUR terms there, The Empowered Expat Wife Podcast is the place to be!

Coach Camilla Quintana shares her best tips and tools from years of experience working with expat and diplomatic spouses, to help you become confident, self-sufficient and empowered, despite changing post codes.

Recommended Episode – Mindsets That Changed My Life

The Expat Cast

The Expat Cast is the podcast where expats share their stories about fitting in, standing out, and every mishap on the journey to finding “home” abroad. Listen along for up-to-date tips & resources as well as honest takes on the best and worse of expat life.

While it’s primarily focused on German life, she does discuss some interesting topics like being bilingual, nationality when you’ve moved abroad, and how to cope with ‘bad days’ when you’re an expat.

Recommended Episode – Embracing Expat Entrepreneurship with Tania

Ons Vir Jou…Wat Nou?

Ons Vir Jou is a podcast intended to cover all aspects of life as an ‘Expat’. The pros, the cons and experiences of living abroad. Whether you have made the international move or are still contemplating over the idea, this is the podcast you want to be tuned into.

Hosted by 3 South African men who have all moved overseas and each episode they discuss life as a South African once you’ve made the move. And yes, there’s some Afrikaans spoken too!

Recommended Episode – Waarheen Nou – Which Country?

Bonus Podcast – The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

OK so this isn’t strictly an expat podcast but it does explore some expat/migration related topics in some of the episodes. And I was a guest on a couple of them!

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast with Amanda Kendle is a show for travel lovers. Each episode is packed with travel stories from fellow travel addicts on topics like using foreign languages, meeting the locals, getting lost and what we learn from our travels.

Amanda has become a great friend as well, and her podcast is one I always look forward to each week.

Listen to me on these episodes:

Episode 79 – Cultural Differences Around The World

Episode 94 – How Travel Changes Kids

Do you have any recommended podcasts to add to the list? Let me know what they are in the comments below as I’m always on the lookout for new expat podcasts to listen to!

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