Tax Basics For New Migrants

Australian Tax Basics For New Migrants

One of the most daunting things about moving country is learning a whole new tax system. The Aussies seem to like to do everything differently and the tax system is no different! I asked Gillian from Simple Accounting Solutions to…

5th January 2018
How To Get Consent For Your Child To Move To Australia

How To Get Consent For Your Child To Move To Australia

If you’re divorced and looking to move to Australia, one of the questions you may be asking is how you can get consent from your ex for your children to move to Australia with you. It’s not an uncommon situation…

10th December 2017
5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Emigrating To Australia - cover

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Emigrating To Australia

Moving to Australia these days isn’t as daunting as it used to be. Using the internet it’s so easy to research almost every aspect of your move so you can be prepared as much as possible for the practical side…

2nd December 2017

I Want To Migrate To Australia – Where Do I Start?

One of the most common questions I get asked via my blog is: “I Want To Migrate To Australia – Where Do I Start?” While the process can seem overwhelming and complicated, there are some clear and simple steps you need…

9th November 2017
a guide to aussie slang for new migrants

A Guide To Aussie Slang For New Migrants

When you move to Australia, you’ll be confronted by a whole new language. That’s because despite people speaking English, Aussies love to shorten everything and they have probably some of the most slang I’ve ever heard! If you thought we…

21st October 2017
10 Things You May Notice When You Move To Perth

10 Things You May Notice When You Move To Perth

Moving to another country is always a new and exciting experience. When you first arrive in Australia and start to settle into your new life down under, you’ll start to pick up on some things in your new surroundings. Here…

12th October 2017
Paper Avenue Cafe Joondalup - Blog Header

Paper Avenue Cafe Joondalup

Joondalup has never really had a happening brunch scene. I did discover the gorgeous Gipsy Boy last year and enjoyed a lovely brunch there but besides that we don’t really venture into Joondalup much when it comes to eating out.…

9th September 2017
10 reasons not to move to australia

10 Reasons Not To Move To Australia

Everyone always goes on about all the awesome reasons you should move to Australia – the sandy white beaches, friendly people, land of opportunity, blah blah blah. We know all that, right? That’s why you ended up here on my…

23rd August 2017

How Does Childcare Work In Australia?

One of the most frequent questions I get from new or prospective migrants is: ‘How does child care work in Australia?’   Please note the government policy around childcare changed in 2018 and the benefits mentioned here have been combined…

14th July 2017
Shanks Pony Tours - Ghost Tours Perth

Midland Ghost Tours With Shanks Pony Tours

If you’ve ever been keen to go on a ghost tour in Perth, I’ve found an awesome one for you! I was recently invited along to a ghost hunting tour at the Midland Town Hall by Shanks Pony Tours. They…

16th June 2017
The Cost Of Living In Perth

The Cost Of Living In Perth

*I have recently updated this post to reflect our 2020 costs of living in Perth.* A couple of years ago I wrote a post about the cost of living in Perth. At the time, we were renting and now we’re…

2nd June 2017
Our First Bali Holiday - Melia Nusa Dua

Our First Bali Holiday At The Melia – Nusa Dua

Late last year we decided we needed a proper family holiday. We’d gone through some pretty tough times in 2016 and worked out we hadn’t been a proper holiday since we arrived in Australia. By proper holiday I mean one…

24th May 2017

457 Visa Abolished – Now What?

If you’re following my blog it’s likely that you’ve been watching the drama unfold with the recent abolishment of the 457 temporary visa for Australia. While at first it didn’t seem like much more than another political gesture, it soon…

2nd May 2017
Down Under, Now What

Down Under, Now What?

Today I’m sharing a post from the heart from Gillian Nathan, a fellow South African who has made the move to Australia and has gone through all the emotions that you did or are currently going through.  Thanks for sharing…

29th March 2017
8 Common Misconceptions About Moving To Australia

8 Common Misconceptions About Moving To Australia

In an effort to help you dispel some preconceived ideas about moving to Australia, let’s chat about some of the most common misconceptions about moving to Australia. When you start to plan your move to Australia, you’ll be looking up…

17th February 2017
Rose & Crown Hotel Guildford

Rose & Crown Guildford

We recently decided to have a day out in the Swan Valley with family who are visiting and popped into the Rose & Crown for lunch in Historic Guildford. It’s the oldest hotel in WA and the second oldest operating…

29th December 2016
Short Term accommodation Perth

Find Short Term Accommodation In Perth

One of the questions that people always have for me is ‘Where can I find short term accommodation in Perth for when we first arrive?’. If you’re shipping all your belongings, it makes sense to hire a furnished rental until…

8th December 2016
Rand Rescue Australia Coming To South Africa

Get Your Money Out Of South Africa With Rand Rescue

One of the most frustrating aspects of migrating to another country is the seemingly endless paperwork. Applying for your visa comes with a whole host of hoops to jump through and to get into Australia the hoops are set like…

5th November 2016
Temporary Parent Visa Australia

New temporary parent visa for Australia announced

The Australian government has announced they are beginning a consultation process which will lead to the introduction of a new temporary visa for parents visiting their children in Australia. The new visa is proposed to be a 5 year temporary…

28th September 2016
10 Easy Ways To Save Money In Australia

10 Easy Ways To Save Money In Australia

There’s no denying that things are tough in WA these days. Gone are the days of easy to find jobs and high salaries being the norm. With the recent downturn in the mining and oil and gas industries, many households…

2nd September 2016
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