4 Ways To Move To Australia

4 Popular Ways To Migrate To Australia

I get so many people emailing me and asking me how they can move to Australia. The very first thing that you need to do is establish whether you are eligible for a visa. There are so many different kinds…

18th July 2016
How to put petrol in your car

How To Put Petrol In Your Car

Admit it. The thought of putting petrol in your own car terrifies you. So many massive things on your list of fears when it comes to migrating, but this is not one to ignore. In order to help you prepare…

26th June 2016
Core Cider House Perth HIlls

Core Cider House – Perth Hills

I’ve been wanting to visit the Core Cider House in the Perth Hills for months now and we finally got the chance to head out there recently. As it’s around an hour from where we live, we booked for a late…

29th May 2016
Where Did Your Sense Of Humour Go

Where Did Your Sense Of Humour Go?

Last week I was asked to become a regular contributor to The South African, a publication for South Africans all over world, but mostly based in the UK. I was so excited to be asked and couldn’t wait to start…

24th April 2016

How To Find A Job In Perth

One of the most stressful things about migrating is finding work in your new home country. The current job climate in Australia is not what it used to be 5 years ago or even 10 years ago (obviously this is…

10th April 2016
4 Apps To Help You Keep In Touch With Family and Friends

4 Apps To Help You Keep In Touch With Family & Friends

One of the hardest things, if not THE hardest thing, about migrating is being so far from friends and family. Moving to Australia is often particularly difficult due to the time difference across the country and this makes communication with…

28th February 2016
7 things to do in your first week in Perth

7 Things To Do In Your First Week In Perth

Stepping off the plane in Perth comes with a whole host of emotions: excitement, nervousness, sadness, joy and many more. It can also be quite daunting and if jet lag sets in, confusing too! It’s a good idea to write…

30th January 2016
top 10 travel tips for migrating

Top 10 Travel Tips For Migrating

Travel tips seem to be a dime a dozen these days and most people probably know it all when it comes to booking and organising their next holiday, or at least think they do. But what about travelling when you…

26th July 2015

Unearth Perth – Historic Guildford

    I first visited Guildford in December – I will be honest, I only went because I had won a prize via a Swan Valley Facebook competition and had to go there to collect it. When I entered the…

12th July 2015
Perth Upmarket - Proudly South African In Perth

Unearth Perth – Perth Upmarket

  Do you remember back in the day in South Africa, popping down to your local flea market on a Sunday, having a browse through all the unique homemade products, chatting to the sellers, grabbing some yummy lunch and chilling…

14th June 2015
How To Cope With Your Fear Of Emigrating

How To Cope With Your Fear Of Emigrating

Migrating to a new country is one of the scariest things anyone can do. To completely pack up your existing life, move across the world and start again, usually from scratch, is simply daunting, no matter who you are. As…

7th June 2015
Hillarys Boat Harbour Perth - Proudly South African In Perth

Top 10 Free Things To Do In Perth

When you first arrive in Australia, it’s often the case that money can be tight until you have secured work, found somewhere to live and started to settle into life here in Perth. So I’ve put together a list of…

29th May 2015
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