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Discover Kalbarri - Proudly South African In Perth

Discover Kalbarri

Exploring Western Australia is something that’s going to take heaps of time to do. This state is so vast – it takes up nearly half of the whole country by itself!

Recently we took a road trip north and spent 5 days exploring Kalbarri and the surrounds and had an amazing time. If you haven’t taken a road trip up north from Perth, you’re missing out on some amazing scenery, places, and things to do. Continue Reading

Perth Gin Tours With Hidden deTours

Perth Gin Tour With Hidden deTours

For those who don’t know what I really do for a living, I’m a freelance digital marketer. Most of my clients are pretty awesome, but earlier this year I was lucky enough to work with a super cool Perth tour guide, Monique from Hidden deTours.

She runs amazing and unique bus tours across Perth, Freo, the Swan Valley and the Bickley Valley.

Tours can be anything from bars to wineries and breweries and just last month she launched her latest tour – a gin tour of Perth.

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Why you should plan a road trip in Australia

5 Reasons You Should Plan A Road Trip In Australia

Life is a journey, especially when you’re an emigrant. We understand that it’s not so much about the final destination but the memories you create and the relationships you build along the way.

In many ways, travelling is the same. It’s easy to book a package deal to somewhere and simply follow the beaten path towards the usual touristy spots, but many people are beginning to feel that getting away from it all isn’t merely about sunning yourself on a beach. Instead, there are so many wonderful adventures to be had off the beaten path right across Australia.

There are fewer places more suited to a road trip than Australia. It’s a vast, expansive and diverse continent which features everything from urban sprawl to jungle-like conditions in the outback. And when you move to Australia, it’s the perfect opportunity for the adventure of a lifetime – and here are just five reasons why you should consider planning a road trip once you’ve settled into your new life in Australia.

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Cape To Cairo South African Shop In Perth

Cape To Cairo – South African Shops In Perth


You can’t talk about South African shops in Perth without mentioning Cape To Cairo.

As the first South African expat store in Australia, it’s been groundbreaking for South Africans in Perth and across Australia, and paved the way for others to follow suit.

I chatted to owner Jens Henschel about Cape To Cairo and their role they’ve played in the lives of many South Africans in WA and across Australia.

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50 Ways To Show Perth Off To Visitors - Proudly South African In Perth

50 Ways To Show Perth Off To Visitors

One of the most exciting things to experience when you’ve moved to Perth is showing off our amazing new home to those who make the effort to visit us.

Usually our time with family and friends who visit is limited (and so are our budgets!), so here are some ideas for how to show Perth off to visitors next time you have someone come to stay.

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Send Gifts To Family And Friends In South Africa With The Gift Box Co - Proudly South African In Perth

Send Gifts To Family And Friends In South Africa With The Gift Box Co

How often have you wanted to send gifts to family and friends in South Africa and not been able to find what you want? There are plenty of options for gifting online but often they’re big corporate brands like Woolworths and Interflora and it’s harder to find those personalised gifting experiences that really hit the mark.

I’m super excited to share a brand new gifting company in South Africa with you – The Gift Box Co. It’s a family business which aims to help South Africans overseas send beautiful and thoughtful gifts back to loved ones in South Africa.

To find out more about the business I chatted to the owner of The Gift Box Co, Debby Margarites.

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The Ultimate Perth Bucket List For Your First Year In Australia

The Ultimate Perth Bucket List For Your First Year In Australia

If you’re anything like me you would have researched moving to Australia until you knew almost everything before you even set foot on Aussie soil.

I loved googling everything about Perth, where things were, what to do, where to visit, what it would cost and how to get around.

We had a list as long as our arms of all the things we wanted to do and places we wanted to visit, and although we still haven’t managed to tick everything off, we’ve not done too badly overall.

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