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Shipping Your Belongings To Australia - Insider Tips

Insider Tips On Shipping Your Belongings To Australia From Poseidon Freight

Moving to an overseas country can be a trying time for you and your family, especially when leaving your family, friends and familiar surroundings. The last thing you want to think about are the shipping requirements when sending your unaccompanied personal effects to your new home.

To get an insider’s insights on shipping your belongings to Australia, I spoke to David Denning of Poseidon Freight.

Here are some of his top tips on moving your unaccompanied personal effects to keep shipping costs down and making the whole experience a smooth process.

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Your Migration Story – Neels & Rachael

Everyone experiences migration differently. That’s why I’m starting a new series that features stories from you – my readers.

This month, I’m sharing Neels’ migration journey, who met his Australian wife Rachael while working in Zambia.

If you’d like to share your migration story, please get in touch with me.


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Shipping Household Goods To Australia - What to Bring and What to Ditch

Shipping Household Goods To Australia: What To Bring & What To Ditch

One of the most common questions I get asked relates to shipping household goods to Australia – what should you bring and what should you ditch?

Everyone seems to have their own opinions on this, and let’s face it, it’s quite a personal thing.

I’ve spoken to countless people about this topic and overall people have mostly regretted bringing too much stuff, rather than not bringing enough.

As houses can be so big in South Africa, they’re easy to fill with furniture and ‘stuff’. Stuff that is really not essential to everyday life.

So when you get a quote to ship it all to Australia, you may just want to fall off your chair!

If that happens, you’ll probably want to start working out a list of what you want to bring and what can be left behind. But where do you even start?

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How To Choose Where To Live In Australia - Proudly South African In Perth

How To Choose Where To Live In Australia

How to choose where to live in Australia can feel like the first big decision you make after actually deciding to move to Australia.

Given Australia is such a big country, doing a ‘look see decide’ trip (often called an LSD trip!) just isn’t practical for most people. Or indeed affordable.

When we were trying to narrow down where to live in Australia, the main concerns for us were where we could find employment, as well as sunshine! Coming from damp and dreary England, there was no way Melbourne was going to be on our list. Our ideal choices were Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth.

We decided on Perth because there was more going on in terms of employment in the construction sector and because we got an extra 5 points for state sponsorship from WA. And of course because it has amazing summers and fairly mild winters.

There are so many factors that can influence how you choose where to live in Australia. Here are just some of them you need to consider while making this life-changing decision.

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The Cost Of Living In Dubbo New South Wales - Proudly South African In Perth

The Cost Of Living In Dubbo New South Wales

Because of the huge demand from potential migrants to know exactly how much life in Australia will cost them, I’m continuing with this series of posts on the cost of living around Australia. This post focuses on the cost of living in Dubbo, in regional New South Wales.

Dubbo based Chipo and her family have kindly shared what the cost of living in Dubbo is like for their family of 4.

Chipo and her partner have lived in Dubbo on a regional visa since 2016, when they moved to Australia from Newcastle, KZN. She is an admin officer and her husband is a fitter and turner.

Dubbo is around 400kms inland from Sydney, in New South Wales.

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Living In Australia Expectation vs Reality - Proudly South African In Perth

Living In Australia: Expectation vs Reality

You might dream of moving to Australia and living a life filled with sunshine, beach days, and barbeques, but what will it really be like?

Let’s take a look at what you can really expect when you’re living in Australia.


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