Glenbosch Wine Estate And Distillery Beechworth - Proudly South African In Perth

Glenbosch Wine Estate

Although they’ve only lived in Australia for a few months, Nika and Dirk Bester are already doing big things. They recently launched their own vineyard, distillery and restaurant – Glenbosch Wine Estate in Victoria.

I chatted to them about their business and how they are bringing South African elements to their Aussie offering.

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International Health Insurance v Travel Insurance - Proudly South African In Perth

What’s The Difference Between International Health & Travel Insurance?

Whether you are a holidaymaker heading off for a much needed break or an expat moving abroad longer term for work or personal reasons, you need to make preparations for how you will be looked after if you require medical attention.

I’ve teamed up with Allianz Care to bring you some clarity on when you might need travel insurance and when international health insurance may be more appropriate.


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Perth Waterbike Adventures Matilda Bay - Proudly South African In Perth

Perth Waterbike Adventures

When it comes to things to do in Perth, the list can seem never ending. But now there’s an exciting new experience you need to add to your Perth bucket listriding a bike on the Swan River with Perth Waterbike Adventures.

Perth Waterbike Adventures has just launched (excuse the pun) at Matilda Bay on the banks of the beautiful Swan River. Owner Vicky Forbes has been hard at work for the last few months to bring this unique attraction to our city.

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Australian Foods You Need To Try When You Move Here - Proudly South African In Perth

Iconic Australian Foods You Need To Try

When you move to Australia, probably one of the first set of cultural experiences you’ll have is with food. With that in mind I’ve put together a list of 19 iconic Australian foods you need to try when you move down under.

When South Africans, Kiwis, and Aussies move to the UK, they often talk about the ‘Heathrow injection’. It’s the 5-10kgs that seem to appear suddenly out of nowhere around your body, and obviously has nothing to do with you eating all the new sweets, chocolates, ice-creams and other treats you’ve never seen before so of course just HAVE to try.

Australia has lots of brands and foods that as South Africans, we will recognize, but also have heaps of shiny new things we’ve not come across before.

My best advice would be try not to buy them all at the same time! Maybe limit yourself to one or two new treats in your regular food shop, otherwise you’re going to get an ‘Aussie injection’ for sure.

Here are some of what I think are the biggest and most iconic Australian foods you need to try when you move to Australia.

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South Africa’s Expat Tax 2020 - Proudly South African In Perth

What You Need To Know About South Africa’s Expat Tax In 2020

When it comes to South Africa’s expat tax coming into force on 1 March 2020, it can seem like a complete minefield of information. There are so many different companies giving different advice, and people sharing personal experiences or opinions (many of which are just opinions and not actual facts!).

With the upcoming South African tax changes for South Africans living overseas, it’s more important than ever to make sure that you’re doing the right thing when it comes to your tax affairs in South Africa and Australia (or wherever in the world you live).

Here are some of the key things that you need to know about South Africa’s expat tax in 2020.

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hidden spots in Perth

23 Amazing Hidden Spots In Perth

Perth has so many awesome things to do and places to go. But it’s also got heaps of hidden spots just waiting to be discovered too.

I’ve rounded up some of the most amazing hidden spots in Perth from a range of local bloggers and South Africans in Perth – so get out there and start exploring!

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