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Have you made the decision to ship some or all of your possessions to Australia?

You’re probably now at the stage where you need to gather some international shipping quotes to see how much it’s going to cost you and how the process will work.

Get Free International Shipping Quotes

What if you could easily get up to 6 international shipping quotes for your move by completing just one form?

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Over 500 international moving companies are registered with them, including many of the big South African, UK and Australian movers.

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How much does it cost to move from South Africa to Australia?

The cost of an international move will depend on several things:

  • Size of the move: The moving costs will be calculated based on volume and / or weight. The more you take, the more expensive it gets. Sometimes movers have groupage services to popular destinations which could make it cheaper. Ask the mover for the possibilities when you are only taking part of your household or some personal effects.
  • Distance: The greater the distance, the more expensive your move will be. So moving from Spain to France will be cheaper than moving from Australia to the United States.
  • Route: The more popular the routes between countries, the more containers or trucks will be moved between the countries. It will be cheaper moving from the US to the UK than moving from the US to Uganda.
  • Transportation method: Moving is done by truck, ship or air. Depending on your preferred method of shipping the price will be higher or lower. Airfreight is the most expensive but is probably best for small shipments. The moving company will advise you on the best method.
  • Other needs
    An international move can be highly customised to your needs. Therefore, additional costs you might need to account for include:

     –  Temporary storage
     – Help with packing and unpacking
     – Additional insurance
     – Customs Duties & Taxes
     – Visa
     – Housing costs

Some moving companies work with relocation companies to further organise other aspects of your move. This includes housing, finding the right school for your children and dealing with all the various documents involved. These companies can help out with everything after the move as well. You can always ask your mover for some recommended relocation companies.

This is a good starting point for an international move:  it usually starts from around $1,000 USD (£750; €900) and can easily exceed $10,000 for long distance moves overseas.

The actual amount is entirely dependent on the type of move you are going to make. If you are moving internationally quite soon (3 months or less) and are ready to take the next few steps to organise your move, then get free quotes today. Getting quotes from multiple companies is the best way to get the most out of your relocation budget.

What information do I need to provide to get a shipping quote?

To be able to provide you with an accurate shipping quote, an international moving company usually needs information about the following:

  • Origin and destination of move.
  • Your move size.
  • Description of things you will be moving.
  • Estimation of when you will be moving.

Please note that the most accurate and finalised quote depends on whether you will be needing additional services by your chosen mover.

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