The 25 Most Instagrammable Spots in Perth

25 Most Instagrammable Spots in Perth

Love the ‘gram? I’ve put together my 25 most Instagrammable spots in Perth.

Perfect for when you have friends and family visit you in Perth or if you’re coming for a holiday, these are the places to see – and be seen!

1. Kings Park

There is no better place to kick off than the iconic Kings Park. Offering elevated views of the city’s skyline and the winding Swan River as a backdrop, while surrounded in a landscape of manicured green lawns, colourful flowers, lush shrubs and giant trees, Kings Park is your one-stop Instagrammable spot all year round at any time of the day…or night. Sunsets from here are to die for.

Events and shows are held here regularly, adding more life, vibe, and endless opportunities for instagram snappers.

2. Blue Boat Shed

This location (close to Kings Park) is so popular for instagrammers and for wedding shoots, you may have to wait in a queue…unless you get here at dawn or dusk. This cute blue boatshed on the end of a wooden jetty on the Swan River, offers limitless instagram shots. Been there for nearly 100 years!

To reduce the glare off the surface around midday, use a polarizing filter and a slow shutter to smooth the water…and yes, stand perfectly still, if you’re in the shot. Pick a day with an interesting sky to add more drama to this placid and romantic setting.

The Eliza Sculpture rising out of the water, a minute’s walk to your left, also makes an awesome Perth-recognisable shot.

3. Hyde Park

This little pristine park offers instagrammers unlimited nature photo opportunities in the middle of the city. Vibrant colours of the jacaranda blooms in the spring and the warm reds and golds of the autumn foliage, provide a most photogenic background all year round.

The beautiful lawns and playgrounds around the lakes bursting with birdlife, also make the perfect picnic spot among nature without having to travel out of town.

4. Elizabeth Quay

No better place than this to capture the city towering skyscrapers, the iconic curved bridge and the bustling waterfront complex, with ferries, boats and gondolas ambling across the water. Add a cute nostalgic carousel and the instantly recognizable Bell Tower, and you have a setting screaming to be instagrammed.

Day or night, photo opportunities are endless here.

5. Leederville’s Street Art

Street art has become a major drawcard for serious instagrammers in many cities across the world, and Perth is no exception. For some amazing mural masterpieces, head to Oxford Street in the bustling suburb of Leederville and start off with the lady with pink hair.

Take your time sauntering along the side streets, keeping your eyes peeled in all directions, and you will not be disappointed. Some are cute and humorous, while others are enormous and outrageous, but each art scene is totally unique and you’ll not see anywhere else.

6. Rottnest Island

With miles of stunning white-sand beaches, secluded coves and a few beautiful old lighthouses, surrounded by the clearest and bluest waters in the Indian Ocean, Rottnest Island is a photographer’s paradise. Instagrammable spots around each bend, on land and under the water.

Wander around and find “your” spot. Don’t forget to get down to ground level and invite an inquisitive quokka for a selfie. They are the real island tenants and are everywhere! Your only sure proof that you have been to Rottnest Island. A sort of “Rottnest Passport” for instagrammers.

7. Bell’s Rapids, Brigadoon

Less than an hour northeast of the CBD, are the Bell’s Rapids in Brigadoon, an ideal spot for scenic walks among nature and one of the prettiest settings for instagrammers. You can take selfies sitting alongside the cascading water as it rushes down the gorge over the rocks and boulders.

Use a slow shutter to emphasize the rushing water or a fast shutter to freeze the moment. There are many vantage points including a cute rope swing at the base, to capture the beauty and mood of this place.

8. Rooftop Movies, Northbridge

Show off one of Perth’s favourite pastimes of enjoying a movie under the stars. Best shots need to include, you (of course) preferably sipping a glass of wine over a plate of snacks with the screen in the background. 

You may need to crank up your ISO slightly and use a wide aperture to get as much light as possible in your shot.

9. Fremantle’s Esplanade Park

With the iconic Skywalk Ferris Wheel in the centre of the park, offering panoramic views of the city and harbour below, Esplanade Park, is one of the most popular spot for instagrammers. Whether you shoot your pics from the top of the wheel or from ground level with it in the background, they will be a hit on instagram.

10. S&R Orchard 

Perth is virtually surrounded by vineyards and fruit orchards, providing a stunning and picturesque setting for photographers and instagrammers almost all year round. Spring brings out the colourful blossoms of the thousands of fruit trees, while summer provides the excitement of fruit picking, until the autumn curtain of warm reds golds and yellows, comes down on the landscape to warm any photographer’s heart.

A good polarising filter will provide extra saturation accentuating the colours of the fruit, the flowers and the sky by removing the glare.

11. Araluen Botanic Park

Situated among the Perth Hills, is another photographer’s and instagrammers paradise. During spring, 36 000 flowers and 120 000 tulips decide to bloom and the 59-hectare park explodes into a kaleidoscope of colour, drawing instagrammers by the thousand each year.

Enough said. Just go there.

12. Cappuccino Strip Fremantle

This magical strip with its quaint bars, cafes, markets, and small speciality shops, captures the heart and true character of Fremantle.

The historic buildings with their Victorian architecture add charm and nostalgia, with Instagrammable spots in every direction. Street art, fascinating people and loads of restaurant patrons lining along the pavements, make it the must-see place in Fremantle.

13. Core Cider House, Bickley Valley

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Just outside the outskirts of Perth, this is the perfect escape to “the country” to enjoy great food and taste the local cider, while surrounded by fruit orchards and lush forest.

With apple, pear, citrus, and stone fruit trees blooming throughout the year, this stunning setting is a most popular spot for photographers and Instagrammers.

14. Penguin Island

Just a kilometre off the mainland and within the Shoalwater Island Marine Park, Penguin Island offers spectacular island scenery featuring many instagram subjects, ranging from dolphins, sea lions, reptiles, pelicans and other seabirds, as well as the stars of the park – the penguins.

Hop on a glass-bottom boat or kayak your way to the island capturing unforgettable moments of your outing for other instagrammers to enjoy.

15. London Court

One street back from Elizabeth Quay in the heart of the CBD, this Tudor style shopping arcade transports you back to medieval England, with its many charming cafes and shops, with classically decorated moulded ceilings and statues of ancient English characters, in total contrast to the modern skyscrapers just a few metres away.

Great instagram targets include the 2 clocks, one replica of Big Ben and the other with four knights above it. Come in here for a nice cup of English tea and find your own Instagram spot.

16. Rainbow Containers Fremantle

There cannot be a more instantly-recognisable, Perth-associated picture, than the Rainbow Containers in Fremantle. Snap a picture of you beneath the Containerbow, a gigantic multi-colour arch made up of nine containers.

How can anyone not smile at that?

17. Omeo Shipwreck, North Coogee

Another stunning Instagrammable spot is the Omeo Shipwreck at North Coogee just south of the small craft harbour, 30 minutes south of Perth. Lying just 25 metres from the shore in shallow crystal blue water, with cannons and anchors and shipwreck stuff scattered on the bottom, this 1905 wreck and diving trail is a magnet for instagrammers with waterproof cameras.

A popular spot without getting wet, is the flight of stairs leading to the water directly in front of the wreck. High tide is the best time to capture yourself on the stairs against the crystal blue ocean.

18. Optus Stadium

Nothing shouts Perth! to any sports lover, quite like the Optus Stadium. For a great shot from the stands, you’d need an ultra-wide angle lens to fit in the enclosed roof, the stands and the field, capturing the whole atmosphere of the place.

As from the outside, well, there is no spot that doesn’t offer sensational scenery. The Swan River, the stadium, the city skyline and the iconic bridge all make incredible instagram shots. You’ll be hard-pressed to choose one shot.

19. Matagarup Bridge, East Perth

Yet another of Perth’s most photographed spots. Classic shots can be shot in all directions. The tall arches above, the Swan River below, or the city skyline and the iconic stadium as backgrounds. Hit the platform sitting high above for that panoramic view of the entire city. A selfie on the zip line with the city flying below will be sensational.

20. Jacaranda trees, Applecross

October-November may be just spring time for most people, but for Perth instagrammers it’s the time when our suburbs are carpeted and our streets are framed by the gorgeous purple blooms of the jacaranda trees.

One of the best spots to capture this majestic scenery is at Applecross. Just drive or cycle up and down Tweedale Road and pick your spot. Get there early to avoid the heavy traffic and instagram nuts doing their thing.

21. Secret Garden Gwelup

This truly fairy-tale setting in the middle of suburbia is a hit for instagrammers. Dense leafy creepers virtually covering tall trees and dead branches giving it an almost fantastical and eerie look. A totally unique and unusual garden landscape in every shade of green there is. 

22. Swan View Tunnel, John Forrest National Park

This is another historical place to take some eerie shots. Walk through this super dark tunnel and let your imagination run wild. Instagram shots are endless. Whether you shoot it from the outside in or inside out, your shots are guaranteed to raise a few smiles.

The hiking trails around the tunnel also offer great photo opportunities.

23. Mundaring Weir

Mundaring Weir on the Helena River, offers tons of scenic views of the dam, the wall with its distinct tower and the surrounding countryside. Apart from the wall itself, the Golden View Site and O’Connor Lookout on the opposite side offer panoramic views of the dam complex.

Make a day of it and stroll along the shoreline or have a barbeque in the picnic area and playground provided.

24. South Perth Foreshore

Views of the city skyline with the Swan River in the foreground are best shot from here especially in the late afternoons.

A stroll along the water’s edge, and from the several jetties, provides many interesting vantage points. Capturing a ferry crossing the river may add a little more texture to your shot.

25. University of Western Australia

A historic building bursting with intriguing architecture, and surrounded by magnificent gardens make this spot an instagrammer’s hot-spot.

Ornately designed exterior with tall castle-like clock towers, long pillar-lined corridors and busts of historic figures, provide an endless supply of subject matter for photographers with a keen eye.

What are your favourite most Instagrammable spots in Perth? Let us know your hidden gems in the comments below.

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