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Cape To Cairo South African Shop In Perth


You can’t talk about South African shops in Perth without mentioning Cape To Cairo.

As the first South African expat store in Australia, it’s been groundbreaking for South Africans in Perth and across Australia, and paved the way for others to follow suit.

I chatted to owner Jens Henschel about Cape To Cairo and their role they’ve played in the lives of many South Africans in WA and across Australia.


Cape To Cairo – A Purveyor Of Memories

Cape to Cairo is a purveyor of memories.  For 25 years now the company has made it its mission to provide Australia’s ‘scatterlings of Africa’ with a taste of home and a chance to remember, but more importantly, share the many flavours of our ‘rainbow’ culture.

The sometimes quirky fusion of African, European, Malaysian and Indian influences has been a key ingredient in all the dishes we call our own.  Known for biltong and droëwors (dry sausage), curries, street food and the beloved braai.


Jens Henschel Owner Of Cape To Cairo South African Shops In Perth


“Our vision”, says Jens Henschel, Managing Director of Cape to Cairo “was to create a store that reflects our collective heritage and provide customers with the experiences that have become common practice in the vast majority of homes in southern Africa”.


Keeping It In The Family

Established in 1994, the business remains family-owned and operated to this day.  Cape to Cairo was the first South African ex-pat store to open its doors in Australia and although much has changed, even more has remained the same.

They place great emphasis on meeting customer expectations through good-old family values of the warmest welcome, along with product variety, quality, and integrity. “With a clear purpose, we’ve worked hard to be authentic and genuine in building lifetime relationships with customers and suppliers alike”, continues Jens.


Cape To Cairo Warehouse - Proudly South African In Perth


Cape To Cairo’s first store, on Cambridge Street in Wembley (Perth), was their way of bringing the taste of the African culture to Australian consumers.  On display were a variety of produce and foodstuffs from southern Africa, including many never previously sold in Australia.

It quickly became a ‘not to be missed’ destination for the food-loving people of Perth and tourists alike.  Over the years, they’ve worked hard to broaden their target market and expose southern African brands, products and delicacies to Australians and other expat communities who now call Australia home – exchanging cultures, traditions and experiences.

“We were the first to sell biltong and boerewors along with mealie meal and koeksisters”, continues Jens.  “In those early days, we went out of our way to establish both {biltong and boerewors} products in the market and all who came into the store got a taste.  They still do!”


Try It, You’ll Love It!

Biltong is Southern Africa’s favourite snack.  If you were born there, it is most likely that you cut your teeth on a stick of biltong.  It is a product that is so deeply rooted in the culture and for Jens and his wife Kim, bringing biltong to Australia was personal.


Cape To Cairo Perth Biltong - Proudly South African In Perth


Cape to Cairo is a premium manufacturer of biltong and other air-dried meat-snacks.   Their crafted, delicious and superior-quality products are made from 100% Western Australian beef.  Created to a traditional recipe, these strips of salted beef are hand cut, mildly spiced and have a rich meaty flavour.

For those who don’t know – biltong is not jerky:  it has its own spices, preparation process and eating occasions and use.  It is the perfect go-to snack for athletes, fitness pros, and just about anyone else on the hunt for a high-protein, low-sugar option to hunger pangs.


Food To Braai For

As any Southern African worth their (braai) salt will tell you, a fire (the traditional place of gathering in Africa), boerewors, a well-matured steak, some sosaties and marinated ribs – not to mention rugby and sunny skies – are the essentials of a great braai.

Add tangy potato salad, a milk tart and some koeksisters, along with a couple of mates to share it with, and you’ve got a recipe for a delicious, fun-filled feast!  With over 1600 products on their shelves, every family member is sure to find a taste to please and delight.


Cape To Cairo Ouma Rusks - Proudly South African In Perth


Today, the team at Cape to Cairo are proud to share their collective passion for food across Western Australia, with stores in Osborne Park, Canning Vale, Rockingham, and Bunbury.

Do yourself a favour and step inside any one of their stores, for temptation awaits at every turn.  The range of products, gifts and/or crafts available reflect our shared heritage, specifically our love for cooking and eating outdoors.


Cape To Cairo Shop Perth - Proudly South African In Perth


The company’s wholesale team services a range of different markets and continues to grow the footprint of key lines in the independently-owned retail outlets across Western Australia and inter-state.

If you can’t get down there, you can shop online at  The website offers everything from biltong and jerky to groceries and household essentials, gifts, and crafts.  It is the same great range and quality you’ll find instore and they’ll pack and post across Australia.


Where Scatterlings Gather

Cape to Cairo embodies the melting pot that is the rainbow nation.

So if you are looking for seriously good biltong for the Saturday rugby match, or a good steak for the braai or, Ouma’s Rusks to dip and a cup of Nescafe’s Ricoffy on your upcoming family camping trip, they must surely be your one-stop-shop for all your favourites.


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This post is sponsored by Cape To Cairo, however, all opinions are my own.

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