A Patch Of Country Cafe Mundaring

A Patch Of Country Cafe Mundaring - Exterior

A few weeks ago we stopped in for lunch at A Patch Of Country cafe in Mundaring. It was a Monday during the school holidays and we’d just been on a trail ride in the Perth Hills nearby and were suitably starving afterwards.

After struggling to find anywhere open and still serving food (thanks Covid!), we tried our luck at A Patch Of Country and they were open for lunch.

A Patch Of Country Cafe

It’s a super cute cafe set just off the main road in Mundaring. With plenty of parking at the front and around the back, it was easy to find a spot to park.

A Patch Of Country Cafe Mundaring - Exterior

They do a wide range of meals from all the brekkie staples to homemade soups, wraps and toasties.

Mr 10 went for scrambled eggs on toast which is a favourite for him and he was not disappointed. He makes his own scrambled eggs at home so any scrambled eggs are benchmarked against his, and apparently these ones were better than his!

Two of us went for the soup of the day which was cauliflower and broccoli, and our 4th went for the corned beef wrap. We all really enjoyed our meals and the coffees were pretty good too.

The cake fridge also looked amazing but after the soup I had zero room for dessert. Apparently they are famous locally for their banoffee pie but on the day we went there was none as someone had come in and bought the entire pie!

A Patch Of Country Gift Shop

A Patch Of Country isn’t just a cafe – it’s also got a gorgeous gift shop with lots of locally made gifts, clothing, toys, and homewares.

I loved these framed bird prints:

If you’re looking for a cute country cafe in the Perth Hills for a delicious breakfast, yummy lunch or simply a coffee and cake, add A Patch Of Country cafe to your list.

And if you’re wondering about the trail ride we went on, that was at Forge Farm in Chidlow. The trail was through the forests and super quiet and chilled. It was great for all ages and they had some lovely horses and ponies suitable for all riding abilities.

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