Inspirational Migration Quotes - Proudly South African In Perth

18 Inspirational Quotes About Migration To Motivate You

When you make a big decision in your life, it often happens that you start seeing little signs of inspiration for your journey in everyday life. And your migration journey is no different. I remember meeting a friend in Oxford…

30th June 2020
Diamond Forest Farm Stay - Proudly South African In Perth

Diamond Forest Farm Stay

After the last few Covid-crazy months, when the regional borders started to open, I started looking around at some farm stay options in the south west region of WA. After hours of scouring the internet I hit the jackpot with…

20th June 2020
WA Road Trips From Perth You Need To Do - Proudly South African In Perth

9 WA Road Trips From Perth

Now that the regional borders in WA are starting to open I’m sure many of you are, like me, itching to get away for a long weekend at least. That means I’ve been spending some time looking at where we…

28th May 2020
100 Points Of ID - Proudly South African In Perth

What Is 100 Points Of ID In Australia?

If you’re like me, you might be researching as much as you can online to prepare for your upcoming move to Australia. During your frantic Googling sessions, you may come across the term ‘100 points of ID’. Wondering what that…

15th May 2020
Glenbosch Wine Estate And Distillery Beechworth - Proudly South African In Perth

Glenbosch Wine Estate

Although they’ve only lived in Australia for a few months, Nika and Dirk Bester are already doing big things. They recently launched their own vineyard, distillery and restaurant – Glenbosch Wine Estate in Victoria. I chatted to them about their…

12th April 2020
Perth Waterbike Adventures Matilda Bay - Proudly South African In Perth

Perth Waterbike Adventures

When it comes to things to do in Perth, the list can seem never ending. But now there’s an exciting new experience you need to add to your Perth bucket list – riding a bike on the Swan River with…

8th March 2020
Australian Foods You Need To Try When You Move Here - Proudly South African In Perth

Iconic Australian Foods You Need To Try

When you move to Australia, probably one of the first set of cultural experiences you’ll have is with food. With that in mind I’ve put together a list of 19 iconic Australian foods you need to try when you move…

20th February 2020
South Africa’s Expat Tax 2020 - Proudly South African In Perth

What You Need To Know About South Africa’s Expat Tax In 2020

When it comes to South Africa’s expat tax coming into force on 1 March 2020, it can seem like a complete minefield of information. There are so many different companies giving different advice, and people sharing personal experiences or opinions…

29th January 2020
hidden spots in Perth

23 Amazing Hidden Spots In Perth

Perth has so many awesome things to do and places to go. But it’s also got heaps of hidden spots just waiting to be discovered too. I’ve rounded up some of the most amazing hidden spots in Perth from a…

24th December 2019
What To Expect When You Write Your Australian Citizenship Test

What To Expect When You Write Your Australian Citizenship Test

If you’ve applied for citizenship recently, you might still be waiting to get your invitation to write your citizenship test. You’re likely also wondering what to expect when you write your Australian citizenship test. Last year we were privileged to…

22nd November 2019
Cafe Mojo Mundaring - Proudly South African In Perth

Cafe Mojo Mundaring

We recently spent a day up in the Perth Hills after being invited to visit a quirky South African owned cafe, Cafe Mojo, in Mundaring. Owner Jo is originally from Cape Town (but lived most of the time in Swellendam),…

10th November 2019
Discover Kalbarri - Proudly South African In Perth

Discover Kalbarri

Exploring Western Australia is something that’s going to take heaps of time to do. This state is so vast – it takes up nearly half of the whole country by itself! Recently we took a road trip north and spent…

11th October 2019
Perth Gin Tours With Hidden deTours

Perth Gin Tour With Hidden deTours

For those who don’t know what I really do for a living, I’m a freelance digital marketer. Most of my clients are pretty awesome, but earlier this year I was lucky enough to work with a super cool Perth tour…

16th September 2019
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