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Joziwood – A South African Film Festival In Perth

joziwood south african film festival in perth

This November, a brand new film festival is coming to Perth. Joziwood is a South African film festival which will be running for the first time next month. I’ve been  speaking to the organisers behind the scenes for a few months now, and they are finally ready to launch this fantastic event to all of you!

What Is Joziwood?

Organiser Chris Greenwood from Prendiville College (where the film festival venue of the Redmond Theatre is situated) has been hard at work with his team to make sure the film festival is a great success. They’ve recently launched their venue and wanted to put it to good use with a range of different events. Knowing there is a large South African community in Perth, the idea of a South African film festival in Perth was born. Continue Reading


A Guide To Aussie Slang For New Migrants

a guide to aussie slang for new migrants

When you move to Australia, you’ll be confronted by a whole new language.

That’s because despite people speaking English, Aussies love to shorten everything and they have probably some of the most slang I’ve ever heard!

If you thought we had tons of slang in South Africa, just wait until you hear the Aussies talk!

So I thought it would be useful to share this with you!

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Life In Perth

10 Things You May Notice When You Move To Perth

10 Things You May Notice When You Move To Perth

Moving to another country is always a new and exciting experience. When you first arrive in Australia and start to settle into your new life down under, you’ll start to pick up on some things in your new surroundings.

When we first moved here a few years ago, I must admit that I felt at home almost immediately. Having spent 10 years in the UK after leaving South Africa, for me it felt like I was coming home. Driving from the airport to our short term accommodation in Perth at 1am, the first thing that struck me was how much like South Africa it seemed.

After living in England where everyone lived in top of each other, with houses that actually touch each other, seeing the wide open spaces between the buildings was a welcome sight! Over the next few weeks we started to notice things about our new home town and I’m sure some of you can relate to a few of these.

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Visa & Migration News Roundup – September 2017

Migration News Round Up

With the citizenship changes gaining momentum it’s been an interesting month for visa and migration news in Australia. Here is a round up of the latest news related to migration to Australia.

No Citizenship Transition Period

A Senate committee has been told that there won’t be any transitional period for the proposed new citizenship changes. This means that any application sent from 20 April 2017 will be processed under new rules, if and when they are made legal. Continue Reading


The Cost Of Living In Sydney In 2017 – Amanda-Lee & Nico Share Their Story

The Cost Of Living In Sydney

Two of my most popular blog posts are the ones about the cost of living in Perth. Clearly there is a huge demand from potential migrants to know exactly how much life in Australia will cost them and what they need to earn to survive or have a comfortable lifestyle. This week, I’ve spoken to the Van Zyl family who live in Sydney and have shared with me what the cost of living in Sydney is like for their family of 3. Continue Reading

Life In Perth

Paper Avenue Cafe Joondalup

Paper Avenue Cafe Menu Brunch

Joondalup has never really had a happening brunch scene. I did discover the gorgeous Gipsy Boy last year and enjoyed a lovely brunch there but besides that we don’t really venture into Joondalup much when it comes to eating out. That is, until now! I was recently invited along through my friend Amanda from The Chef, His Wife and Their Perth-Fect Life, to the opening of a brand new brekkie and lunch spot in Joondalup called Paper Avenue Cafe. I started chatting to the owners and realised immediately that they were South African (my ears are honed to even the slightest South African accent these days!). So of course I had to share this little gem with you all! Continue Reading


10 Reasons Not To Move To Australia

10 reasons not to move to australia

Everyone always goes on about all the awesome reasons you should move to Australia – the sandy white beaches, friendly people, land of opportunity, blah blah blah. We know all that, right? That’s why you ended up here on my blog! But I thought I’d turn it around and see if you’re really prepared to make the move and live in Australia, so here are 10 reasons NOT to move to Australia. Continue Reading


South African Holiday Ideas – Gorah Elephant Camp

Gorah Elephant Camp

We’ve recently started planning a South African holiday which will be our first trip back to South Africa since 2010. We had planned to visit in 2017 but after a few personal hiccups last year, we decided to postpone it until 2018 when things had settled down a bit.

As with any holiday, I think the planning is half the fun! Of course we want to visit a game reserve while we are there, and when I started looking at where to go, I was so excited (and overwhelmed!) to see just how many choices there are today! I’m sure there weren’t as many game reserves when we lived there (or maybe we just never looked for them!).

During my holiday planning, I connected with Jenni Moss from Southey Travel, who are specialists in luxury travel holidays in South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. She mentioned yet another option I hadn’t discovered, Gorah Elephant Camp. It sounded gorgeous so I asked her to share a bit more about it with you all.

Over to Jenni! Continue Reading


South African Bloggers Overseas – Meg Knox-Davies: This Is Us Living

South African Bloggers Overseas - This Is Us Living


Today I’m interviewing Meg Knox-Davies, a South African blogger over at  This Is Us Living now living in Dublin, Ireland. She shares her migration journey, challenges and adventures that her international move has brought her.


Where in South Africa are you from and where do you live now?

I was born and raised in Durban, but we moved up to Joburg in 2012 and were living there before we moved to Ireland at the end of last year. Now we live in Dublin.

What do you blog about and did you start your blog before or after your move?

I started my blog in 2013 to journal my struggle to become a runner, and try get fit, happy and healthy. We made the decision to try living overseas, on our honeymoon, after a very candid chat about what we wanted most out of life. When we moved, my blog sort of started evolving. I have always been very real and honest on my blog, sharing more of our life than I probably should, so when we moved I wanted to talk more about our reasons why and all our travels. |It turned more into showing more of our life, not just the running part. So I rebranded my blog in March 2017 as ‘this is us… living’. Continue Reading