The Ultimate Perth Bucket List For Your First Year In Australia

The Ultimate Perth Bucket List For Your First Year In Australia

If you’re anything like me you would have researched moving to Australia until you knew almost everything before you even set foot on Aussie soil.

I loved googling everything about Perth, where things were, what to do, where to visit, what it would cost and how to get around.

We had a list as long as our arms of all the things we wanted to do and places we wanted to visit, and although we still haven’t managed to tick everything off, we’ve not done too badly overall.

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Why You Need An Australian Will

Why You Need An Australian Will

When you move to Australia, the last thing you might be thinking about is updating your will. It took us a few years before we even thought about it – because of course, we’re more preoccupied with finding jobs, making sure our kids settle in and finding where we want to live.

But don’t put it off forever. Having a valid will and testament in Australia is extremely important, not just for you but your loved ones as well.

Please note this post is NOT intended as legal advice, it is just helping to explain some details around wills in Australia that you should know after migrating.

Also, each state in Australia has different laws and regulations, so please make sure you check what your state prescribes and recognises when it comes to your wills and power of attorney documents.

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Shipping Household Goods To Australia - What to Bring and What to Ditch

Shipping Household Goods To Australia: What To Bring & What To Ditch

One of the most common questions I get asked relates to shipping household goods to Australia – what should you bring and what should you ditch?

Everyone seems to have their own opinions on this, and let’s face it, it’s quite a personal thing.

I’ve spoken to countless people about this topic and overall people have mostly regretted bringing too much stuff, rather than not bringing enough.

As houses can be so big in South Africa, they’re easy to fill with furniture and ‘stuff’. Stuff that is really not essential to everyday life.

So when you get a quote to ship it all to Australia, you may just want to fall off your chair!

If that happens, you’ll probably want to start working out a list of what you want to bring and what can be left behind. But where do you even start?

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How To Choose Where To Live In Australia - Proudly South African In Perth

How To Choose Where To Live In Australia

How to choose where to live in Australia can feel like the first big decision you make after actually deciding to move to Australia.

Given Australia is such a big country, doing a ‘look see decide’ trip (often called an LSD trip!) just isn’t practical for most people. Or indeed affordable.

When we were trying to narrow down where to live in Australia, the main concerns for us were where we could find employment, as well as sunshine! Coming from damp and dreary England, there was no way Melbourne was going to be on our list. Our ideal choices were Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth.

We decided on Perth because there was more going on in terms of employment in the construction sector and because we got an extra 5 points for state sponsorship from WA. And of course because it has amazing summers and fairly mild winters.

There are so many factors that can influence how you choose where to live in Australia. Here are just some of them you need to consider while making this life-changing decision.

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The Australian Equivalent of South African Shops - Proudly South African In Perth

The Australian Equivalent of South African Shops

One of the hardest things to get used to when you arrive is how different the shops are. I always see people asking what’s the Australian equivalent of South African shops like Game, Dischem, and Edgars.

So I thought it would make a great blog topic! Here is a list of the Australian equivalent of South African shops.

Now bear in mind sometimes equivalent shops are subjective – there has been much debate about whether certain shops have an equivalent at all (I’d say Woolworths in South Africa has no real equivalent in Australia – the UK has Marks and Spencer but we have nothing).

So take this list as a good guide to get you started, rather than the gospel truth. Basically, don’t blame me if you get here and don’t agree!


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