16 Australian movies to watch before you move to Australia

16 Australian Movies To Watch Before You Move To Australia

If you’re anything like me, in the lead up to moving to Australia I soaked up as many Australian movies and TV shows as I could. From Border Patrol to Masterchef Australia and Wanted Down Under, I couldn’t get enough of where we were moving to. There are so many awesome Australian movies, so I’ve put together an ultimate list of 16 Australian movies to watch before you move to Australia. Continue Reading

A Long Weekend in Margaret River - Proudly South African In Perth
Life In Perth

A Long Weekend In Margaret River – Where To Stay, Eat, Drink & Visit

One of the best things about living in Perth is having the gorgeous Margaret River region right on our doorstep.

Just a 2 – 3 hour drive, depending where in Perth you live, and you could be relaxing on the stunning beaches, sampling boutique wines or indulging in some of the freshest produce around.

We’ve done a few short breaks to Margaret River so I thought I’d put together the perfect itinerary for a long weekend in Margaret River.

In it, I’ll share where to stay, places to visit, and my favourite wineries and restaurants to visit in Margaret River.

Once you’ve read this, you’ll be itching to book a long weekend in Margaret River of your own!

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how will your child cope with migration - Proudly South African In Perth

How Will Your Children Cope With Migration?

If you’re a parent and are considering emigrating, you are likely to be asking yourself how will your child cope with migration? It’s something that is very stressful for all emigrating families, but children can be so resilient and often end up settling into their new countries with much greater ease than us parents!

David Dadic from Pathway Lawyers and Migration Agents has shared with us some tips around helping your children to cope with the migration process. Continue Reading

27 Questions You Need To Ask Your International Movers Before You Move To Australia

27 Questions To Ask Your International Movers Before You Move To Australia

If you’re planning your move to Australia and have decided to ship some or all of your belongings, you’ll start shopping around for trusted international movers. There are so many things to think about when it comes to moving your goods to Australia and it can be overwhelming. I’ve created this simple list of 27 questions to ask your international movers before you move to Australia. Continue Reading

The Cost Of Living In Melbourne

The Cost Of Living In Melbourne 2018

Because of the huge demand from potential migrants to know exactly how much life in Australia will cost them, I’m continuing with this series of posts on the cost of living around Australia. This post focuses on the cost of living in Melbourne as of 2018. Melbourne based Claudia and her partner have kindly shared what the cost of living in Melbourne is like for their family of 2.

Claudia and her partner have lived in Melbourne since July 2016, when they moved to Australia from Johannesburg.

They live in Mount Waverley and are both employed – Claudia is teacher.

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8 Annoying Things About Living In Perth
Life In Perth

8 Annoying Things About Living In Perth

When it comes to migrating, it can be so easy to look at Australia with rose tinted glasses. You’ll actively seek out all the good things awaiting you in your new home country, but brush off any seemingly minor complaints from others, whether they be personal comments from friends and family, or posts on social media or blogs.

So I thought I’d help you out and prepare you for some of the not so fun things about living in Australia. Some of these may only be applicable to Perth (because that’s where I live), but I’m sure some will be just as relevant for other cities around Australia.

And before you get on your high horse about how lucky we are and these are stupid things to moan about, read to the end!

Without further ado, here are 8 annoying things about living in Perth. Continue Reading

Big Boys The Third - Perth Fringe Festival 2018
Life In Perth

Big Boys The Third: South Africans At The 2018 Perth Fringe Festival

We’re so spoiled for choice when it comes to events in Perth – many people scoff and call us Dullsville, but if you look around you might realise just how much we have to do here in Perth. Whenever the Perth Fringe Festival program is released, I go through all the acts to see what looks good. This year a few shows caught my eye, and one of the first I circled was Big Boys The Third – a comedy dance show by South Africans.

I was then super excited to be emailed by one of the actors in the show, Bradley Searle, asking me to help get the word out about their show. As I love sharing all things South African in Perth with you, and you all love hearing about them, of course I said yes! Continue Reading

Tax Basics For New Migrants

Australian Tax Basics For New Migrants

One of the most daunting things about moving country is learning a whole new tax system. The Aussies seem to like to do everything differently and the tax system is no different! I asked Gillian from Simple Accounting Solutions to give my readers a brief overview of some of the things you need to know, so here is her roundup of Australian tax basics for new migrants.


Having moved from South Africa to Australia myself 5 years ago, I understand that moving countries and giving up everything that is familiar can be a double edged sword – an exciting new adventure, but one that is both daunting and at times overwhelming.

I remember even the basic things like grocery shopping or finding my way around the city were unnerving, let alone navigating complex new tax laws To take away some of that overwhelm – here are some of the Australian tax basics that all new migrants need to know. Continue Reading

2017 Reader Survey

2017 Proudly South African In Perth Reader Survey

As yet another year draws to a close, I want to find out a bit more about you, my readers and what you’ve enjoyed on the blog this year.

I’d also love to know what you want to see on the blog in 2018 and beyond so I can make sure that my posts and social media are full of the things that you really want to read about.

I’ve created a super short survey for you to share your views with me so please head over here and fill it out – it will take you 2 minutes and I would be most grateful!

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and I’ll see you all in 2018!


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