The Australian Equivalent of South African Shops - Proudly South African In Perth

The Australian Equivalent of South African Shops

One of the hardest things to get used to when you arrive is how different the shops are. I always see people asking what’s the Australian equivalent of South African shops like Game, Dischem, and Edgars.

So I thought it would make a great blog topic! Here is a list of the Australian equivalent of South African shops.

Now bear in mind sometimes equivalent shops are subjective – there has been much debate about whether certain shops have an equivalent at all (I’d say Woolworths in South Africa has no real equivalent in Australia – the UK has Marks and Spencer but we have nothing).

So take this list as a good guide to get you started, rather than the gospel truth. Basically, don’t blame me if you get here and don’t agree!


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The Cost Of Living In Dubbo New South Wales - Proudly South African In Perth

The Cost Of Living In Dubbo New South Wales

Because of the huge demand from potential migrants to know exactly how much life in Australia will cost them, I’m continuing with this series of posts on the cost of living around Australia. This post focuses on the cost of living in Dubbo, in regional New South Wales.

Dubbo based Chipo and her family have kindly shared what the cost of living in Dubbo is like for their family of 4.

Chipo and her partner have lived in Dubbo on a regional visa since 2016, when they moved to Australia from Newcastle, KZN. She is an admin officer and her husband is a fitter and turner.

Dubbo is around 400kms inland from Sydney, in New South Wales.

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Living In Australia Expectation vs Reality - Proudly South African In Perth

Living In Australia: Expectation vs Reality

You might dream of moving to Australia and living a life filled with sunshine, beach days, and barbeques, but what will it really be like?

Let’s take a look at what you can really expect when you’re living in Australia.


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Galaxy Drive In Perth - Proudly South African In Perth

Galaxy Drive-In Perth

One of my favourite memories from my childhood in Durban was heading to the drive-in. We’d pack the snacks, or buy some treats from the shop at the drive-in, and settle in for a movie (or 2 if I was allowed to stay awake!).

Did you know that we have a drive-in right here in Perth? I was so excited to find out there was one here, the Galaxy Drive-In in Perth, and it was one of the first things we did when we arrived. My husband is English and going to the drive-in was not something he had ever done. Hardly surprising given their atrocious weather for most of the year!

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What Is The Trades Recognition Service - Proudly South African In Perth

What Is The Trades Recognition Service?

The Trades Recognition Service (TRS) is a domestic skills assessment service offered by Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) for tradesmen actively engaged in various engineering trades.

For many years prior to October 2013 thousands of tradesmen migrated to Australia and underwent a skills assessment provided by Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) and attained a trade qualification known as the Australian Recognised Trade Certificate or ARTC.

At the time the ARTC was widely accepted by Australian employers and Industry Groups as an accepted benchmark that the tradesman had been assessed to industry standards. However, the ARTC was never the equivalent of the nationally-recognised AQF Certificate III or IV trade qualification.

Subsequently, as Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) and insurance liability became increasingly stringent for employers, particularly large national employers, many migrants found to their surprise and frustration that they required re-assessment to achieve the AQF national standard.


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