Why you should plan a road trip in Australia

5 Reasons You Should Plan A Road Trip In Australia

Life is a journey, especially when you’re an emigrant. We understand that it’s not so much about the final destination but the memories you create and the relationships you build along the way.

In many ways, travelling is the same. It’s easy to book a package deal to somewhere and simply follow the beaten path towards the usual touristy spots, but many people are beginning to feel that getting away from it all isn’t merely about sunning yourself on a beach. Instead, there are so many wonderful adventures to be had off the beaten path right across Australia.

There are fewer places more suited to a road trip than Australia. It’s a vast, expansive and diverse continent which features everything from urban sprawl to jungle-like conditions in the outback. And when you move to Australia, it’s the perfect opportunity for the adventure of a lifetime – and here are just five reasons why you should consider planning a road trip once you’ve settled into your new life in Australia.

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Why Leaving South Africa Is The Hardest Thing You’ll Ever Do

Why Leaving South Africa Is The Hardest Thing You’ll Ever Do

It’s been a while since I wrote a personal blog but as the years go by I find myself feeling a lot more emotional about emigrating from South Africa.

For many people the decision to emigrate isn’t purely emotional. It’s based on something else – a job offer, an itch to travel and see the world, a desire for a different way of life, and for many South Africans, the dream of a safe and more certain future for ourselves and our children.

But along with these seemingly logical decisions come a whole host of emotions. Positive ones and negative ones.

Happiness, excitement, nerves one the one hand, but sadness, heartache, and anxiety on the other.

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Cape To Cairo South African Shop In Perth

Cape To Cairo – South African Shops In Perth


You can’t talk about South African shops in Perth without mentioning Cape To Cairo.

As the first South African expat store in Australia, it’s been groundbreaking for South Africans in Perth and across Australia, and paved the way for others to follow suit.

I chatted to owner Jens Henschel about Cape To Cairo and their role they’ve played in the lives of many South Africans in WA and across Australia.

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How To Choose A Suburb To Live In When You Move To Australia - Proudly South African In Perth

How To Choose A Suburb To Live In When You Move To Australia

Choosing where to live in Australia after your visa has been granted is a very exciting part of the migration process.

The internet and Google Maps make it a lot easier to do than a decade ago, but it’s still a tricky decision.

It’s also a question I see asked time and time again online, so here’s my advice on how to choose a suburb to live when you move to Australia.

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50 Ways To Show Perth Off To Visitors - Proudly South African In Perth

50 Ways To Show Perth Off To Visitors

One of the most exciting things to experience when you’ve moved to Perth is showing off our amazing new home to those who make the effort to visit us.

Usually our time with family and friends who visit is limited (and so are our budgets!), so here are some ideas for how to show Perth off to visitors next time you have someone come to stay.

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Your Migration Story – Neels & Rachael

Everyone experiences migration differently. That’s why I’m starting a new series that features stories from you – my readers.

This month, I’m sharing Neels’ migration journey, who met his Australian wife Rachael while working in Zambia.

If you’d like to share your migration story, please get in touch with me.


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Things To Remember When Going Through Tough Times

10 Things To Remember When Going Through Tough Times

Emigration is hard. Flipping hard. It’s not something that anyone can really say they enjoy 100%.

With all the excitement of a new country can also come the heartbreaking pain of leaving another behind.

All the new, shiny things are amazing, until you realise what you’ve also lost.

New friends are lovely, but nothing compares to the decades of friendship that you’ve built up since childhood.

The next time you’re feeling low, here are 10 things to remember when going through tough times.

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