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How To Put Petrol In Your Car

How to put petrol in your car

Admit it. The thought of putting petrol in your own car terrifies you. So many massive things on your list of fears when it comes to migrating, but this is not one to ignore.

In order to help you prepare for having to put fuel in your own car (you can do it!), I’ve come up with some handy tips for you. Continue Reading

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Coming In 2017: Northshore Christian Grammar School In Alkimos

Northshore Christian Grammar School Alkimos

Today on the blog I’m pleased to share with you our first guest post by Nicole Ohm from the Swan Christian Education Association. They are opening a brand new school, Northshore Christian Grammar School in Alkimos in 2017  and approached me to share more information about this new school. Many of their applications so far have been from South African families, many of whom seek faith schools for their children when they arrive in Perth.

Over to Nicole! Continue Reading

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Core Cider House – Perth Hills

Core Cider House Perth HIlls

I’ve been wanting to visit the Core Cider House in the Perth Hills for months now and we finally got the chance to head out there recently. As it’s around an hour from where we live, we booked for a late breakfast one Sunday morning for Mr C’s birthday. Continue Reading


Everything You Need To Know About Renting A House In Perth

Everything You Need To Know About Renting A House In Perth

When you first move to Australia, you may decide to stay in short term accommodation for a while before deciding on where you want to live. If you’re lucky enough, you may have friends or family to stay with but eventually you’ll need to find a place of your own.

Some people come over and buy a house straight away but I really recommend renting for at least 6-12 months before buying your own home. It gives you a chance to get to know the city, discover what areas you like and don’t like and settle into life without the pressure of trying to buy the right house.

Yes it’s annoying having to jump through a landlord’s hoops and not be able to do what you want to the house, but it’s better than rushing into making a purchase of hundreds of thousands of dollars and then later realising it’s not the right house for you.

So what do you need to know about renting a house in Australia? Continue Reading


My Ultimate Migration Playlist – Songs To Get You Through Migrating

Ultimate Migration Playlist

During the stress of moving overseas, you’re bound to have times when you feel at complete lows and ridiculous highs. And if there’s one thing that has the power to lift your mood when you’re feeling at your lowest, it’s got to be music.

When we started our countdown to moving to Australia I created a playlist of songs about Australia or from Australian artists which I pretty much played to death before we migrated. I wouldn’t even know where it is now but that playlist got me through the last 6 or so months before we made our big move.

Since then, I’ve heard so many songs that reminded me of the migration process so I’ve decided to create the ultimate migration playlist to help get you through the tough days! Of course it’s going to be subjective based on your personal taste in music but most of these songs I’ve picked based on the emotions they evoke and their poignant lyrics. So here it is:

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Zebras African Steakhouse – An African Restaurant In Perth

Zebras African Steakhouse Perth

I was very excited to be invited to experience some good old African hospitality at Zebra’s African Steakhouse in Bicton. We arranged a date and only later did I realise it was on our 3 year ‘Perthaversary’ which made the day even more special for us!

The restaurant is really easy to find, just off the Canning Highway and with massive black and white striped signage on the wall. There is plenty of parking available off street and on street which is a bonus in Perth! Upon entering the restaurant we were immediately transported back to Africa – there is an outdoor bar area which had a blazing fire warming up the cool autumn evening with plenty of seating options. Continue Reading


Where Did Your Sense Of Humour Go?

Where Did Your Sense Of Humour Go

Last week I was asked to become a regular contributor to The South African, a publication for South Africans all over world, but mostly based in the UK. I was so excited to be asked and couldn’t wait to start writing, despite having quite a busy schedule between family, work, running a Facebook group (which takes way more time than you would think!) and writing this blog.

10 Differences Between South Africans & Australians

I was given several topics to write about and I suggested a few as well. One of the topics was briefed as a light-hearted piece entitled ‘10 Differences Between South Africans & Australians‘. I wrote it in less than a couple of hours and emailed it off to The South African, who said it was great and scheduled it to be posted and shared on social media.

Within minutes of the post being shared on Facebook, the comments, likes and shares started flowing. I saw the article being shared on some groups as well and that’s where my inspiration for this blog post came from. Instead of people having a laugh or commenting on points they agreed/disagreed with, out came the charming expats with chips on their shoulders. Really big chips. Continue Reading

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TIA Festival Perth 2016 In Review


TIA Festival Perth 2016

Yesterday I was so excited to go the the 2nd annual TIA (This Is Africa) Festival in Perth. I wanted to go to the first one last year but we had family that arrived on the day of the festival so I didn’t think I could impose babysitting duties on them as soon as they landed!

This year the festival took place at McCallum Park in Victoria Park, just across the Swan River from East Perth. The venue was good with plenty of free parking all around. Continue Reading


How To Find A Job In Perth



One of the most stressful things about migrating is finding work in your new home country. The current job climate in Australia is not what it used to be 5 years ago or even 10 years ago (obviously this is industry dependent and can vary wildly from industry to industry). W.A. is seeing a downturn in the economy and especially in the mining sector where many local residents work.

However it’s not entirely impossible to land a job, either before you arrive in Australia or shortly after.

Here are my top 9 ways to help you find a job in Perth.

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Pancakes At Carillion – A Perth Institution

Pancakes At Carillion Perth


A couple of weeks ago I was excited to be invited along to experience some good old South African hospitality at a restaurant which is a Perth icon – Pancakes At Carillion.

While the restaurant was established way back in 1983, it was recently taken over by South African owners Marilette, Dorette and their husbands who are working hard to maintain its iconic status when it comes to crepes and pancakes in Perth. Many of their customers today actually visited Pancakes At Carillion as children and are now bringing their children here too which I think is just fantastic. It’s situated in Carillion City in the Perth CBD on Level 3.

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