My Favourite Fun Things To Do In Perth City At Night

Best Fun Things To Do In Perth City At Night

Are you looking for fun things to do in Perth city at night?

It’s not too often that I get the opportunity to do fun things in Perth city at night so when I do I like to make them super fun! 

There’s so many things you can choose from when it comes to things to do and depending on your interests, the city of Perth pretty much has you covered for anything you fancy. 

Here’s a list of my personal favourite  fun things to do in Perth city at night from going on a Peddle Perth rickshaw tour to catching a Rooftop Movie.

My Favourite Fun Things To Do In Perth City At Night

Peddle Perth

Peddle Perth has to be one of the most fun things I’ve ever done in Perth at night.  They offer a range of different tours around Perth and Fremantle including small bar rickshaw tours, kids birthday parties, scavenger hunts (I’ve heard they can get a bit wild!) and Christmas lights tours during November and December when the City of Perth lights are on.

We’ve done the Peddle Perth Christmas lights tour twice now and absolutely loved both of them. The tour guides are so knowledgeable and enthusiastic,not to mention superfit having to cycle their passengers (which can be up to 2 adults and a child!) all around the city.   

You even get to pick your favourite music which is played on a mini speaker on the bike. Here’s a tip – the guides will love you if you DON’T pick Christmas tunes! I can’t even imagine how sick they must get of hearing Mariah Carey over and over again given they do multiple tours each day when the Christmas lights are switched on in Perth.

Do book early for the Christmas lights tour though as they are usually booked out months in advance!

They recently opened up tours around Fremantle as well and they’re a popular way to get around quickly during festivals like Fringe which has events spread far and wide across the city.

Flight Club

Even if you’re not a huge fan of darts, you need to give Flight Club a chance. I’m not great at it, but the setup here is just incredible. And it’s not like regular darts –  this is social darts!

You get your own semi-private space, and everything is computerised so you can choose from a whole bunch of different darts games. You can even take a photo to use as your avatar which is fun. You pay per person per hour and play as many games as you wish. The board has a camera in it and when someone wins a round, you get slow motion action replays of everyone’s reactions – this has to be one of my favourite aspects of the whole experience.

The bar set up is great too – push a button and one of the team will come over to take your order from you, so no-one misses a second of fun queuing up at the bar.

So if you’re bored of just heading to a regular bar for a drink with your mates, I’d highly recommend trying out Flight Club. You can see more of my photos from my visit here on Instagram.

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Sneaky Tonys

Sneaky Tony’s is a ‘hidden’ bar in the heart of Northbridge where you need a password to get in on Fridays and Saturdays. 

And who doesn’t love heading to a hidden bar and giving a top-secret password to get in? Well, maybe not so top-secret – all you have to do is head to Facebook to grab the password and then you’re in!

The decor and vibe is 1920s prohibition-style so it really feels like you’ve stepped into an Episode of Boardwalk Empire and Al Capone might appear at any time. They have over 300 different rums from across the world and their cocktail menu, although pricey, is super cool. Watching the barmen shake up cocktails and jump on the bar to get bottles of rum down is also super entertaining. 

Plus, there’s a secret bar within a secret bar! Just head to the bar at Sneaky Tony’s and ask if Toots is in, and watch the magic unfold (Thursday to saturday only).

Pro tip from me – head here on a weeknight for a quieter visit, a better chance of getting a seat, half price drinks on Mondays, and no password required.

Holey Moley Golf Club

 Love mini-golf? Love movies, sports, board games or pop culture? Then you’ll love Holey Moley Golf Club as much as I do!

With 4 different courses in Northbridge to choose from, themed as described before, you’ll find your ideal crazy mini-golf course. They’re all so entertaining and fun, you’d be hard-pressed not to enjoy yourself at Holey Moley. 

Add in a licensed bar so you can enjoy a beverage as you golf, and you’ve got a night of fun awaiting you!

Read my full blog and see more photos of Holey Moley Golf Club in Northbridge.

Foxtrot Unicorn

If you like interesting bars then add Foxtrot Unicorn to your list. With a name like that, it can’t help but be a quirky place to stop if you’re looking for a fun night out in Perth.

From the exterior, you’d never even know it was there, but once inside, down some stairs, around a corner, you’ll be greeted by a basement bar like no other you’ve seen before.

It’s not huge so going earlier rather than later is recommended if you want to sit down. They offer an ever-changing drinks list (including non-alcoholic spirits) along with some seriously different jaffles (toasties), bar snacks and cheese platters.

I discovered Foxtrot Unicorn as part of a gin walking tour I did with Hidden deTours – more on that later!

Comedy Lounge

 If comedy is more your thing you’ll be spoilt for choice at the Comedy Lounge. As Perth’s premier comedy venue, they regularly feature local, national and even international comedians each week at their easy to find Murray Street location.

If you’re feeling lucky, you can sometimes see some real comedy superstars here. They’ll advertise a secret comedian and you can book tickets not knowing who it will be. Sacha Baron Cohen once appeared as a guest so you really never know who it could be!

We’ve been to a few shows here and always come away with an aching face from laughing too much. 

Hidden deTours

After being lucky enough to work with Monique from Hidden deTours, I was super excited to attend her gin walking tour of Perth a few years ago. It’s still one of the best night outs I’ve had in Perth, so if you love gin, history, and learning new things, this is the tour for you!

Doing a guided tour gives you a real purpose when you visit the city at night, instead of just wandering around looking for somewhere to end up. Plus you know, safety in numbers and all that – quite a selling point to us Saffas sometimes!

I won’t put too much more about the tour experience here as I wrote a whole blog about it which you can read here. Discover where we went, what we drank and what we learned during our awesome tour with Hidden deTours.

Rooftop Movies

 As a complete movie nerd (my BA degree was in Film and History), I just love watching movies, and when the location is as breathtaking as Rooftop Movies in Perth, it’s hard to beat.

Perth has so many outdoor movies during the warmer months of the year, but the view from Rooftop Movies in Northbridge is just stunning. It’s set on top of the Roe St Car Park and you have 360 degree views across Perth. Arrive early in summer and you’ll get to watch a pretty spectacular sunset too.

They release the program over the spring and summer months, and films will range from the latest Hollywood blockbusters to classics from the 70s, 80s and 90s. 

You can bring your own food (not alcohol though as they are licensed), or get food and snacks from the food trucks on the rooftop. Seating is not reserved so don’t arrive too late – and bring a blanket as it can get chilly once the sun sets, and sometimes windy too as you’re high above the streets.

Rooftop Movies is a classic date night activity in Perth but just as good for going with your bestie or a group of friends. When they show family moves, it’s a great night out for the whole family too.

And there you have it – my favourite fun things to do in Perth city at night. Of course as with all cities, be safe, be vigilant and be sensible, but we do have a beautiful city that’s worth exploring when you have the chance!

How many of these things have you done already? What else would you add to my list? Add your favourite fun things to do in Perth city at night in the comments below as I’m always looking for new fun things to check out.

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